Tuesday, May 10, 2016

end of spring '16......

last day of classes, unless students show up optionally on W or Th to get the final paper back... wah wah.  I'll bring doughnuts and see who might come by at least to say good bye.  I had a nice basket of treats on my desk when I arrived from a student I had last semester and this one, and who is graduating high school next week and was saying thanks etc... awe!
I have been grading papers all last week and this one up until my 2nd class today , while they wrote their final papers I finished the last two, ha!! done!!! whew!!! now I just grade their one page 50 point final write ups and it's pretty easy, I give all the ones with A's already a definite A, and the rest I read through and look for the same basic errors and go from there. done!!
went to the gym after work and swam laps. one of the guys that works as a trainer on the floor at my gym was swimming laps and I had to share the lane with him . little muscly college guy. when I finished he was asking me how far I swim and i said, I dunno just  10 laps to warm up before working out. and what was funny is how he was leaning back with his arms spread out and hands behind his head over the edge of the pool while talking to me. nice view and distracting.  I went to shower up and get dressed out, talking to a regular guy about the tornados yesterday (yes, all we talk about in OK is the weather, ha). and then on my way out said hey to the trainer guy standing there in front of the mirror in his boxer briefs, come dude, get dressed already and get to work.
went by my sister's on the way home, her daughter is getting married and i said I would help with flowers for the reception (it's both of their 2nd wedding so just a small immediate family service and then everyone to a reception). anyway so I have that to look forward to at the end of May after my trip.
I am DR bound!! next week heading down to Santiago de los Caballeros for 6 days. can't wait. although I'm not excited about the trip. UGGGGHHHH leave early morning from OKC, to ATlanta, then to NYC, and THEN to DR... alas. such is the way with affordable travel.  I was going to try and do some day trips to the beach and stuff, but my bud and his family live sort of on the east side of the city and I don't want to trouble them getting me to buses and back. instead, they will take me on the weekend to a beach, and then I will take a one day bus trip to Santo Domingo to visit a former student who is a chef at a place there. we'll see if it works out.  just getting away and doing something for a change is fun, and I can be in any foreign country and be anywhere new and enjoy it. so all good. summer is about to get seriously started . :)

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Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful vacation, Dan. You deserve after all that essay grading!