Wednesday, February 10, 2016

what I don't have............

 I think I've already posted this video but I posted it to someone for a birthday greeting today on social media. and then I watched it a few times at work and then again at home tonight. I like noticing some details, like the girl hands him an astronaut toy and then the poster on the wall is a You are Here in space he's leading up into the party and there are Reeces Pieces on the floor which is a nice nod to E.T. :)  and as he walks into the party, he's picked up the rose and has it stashed behind his back..after that I just love all the dance moves, at first I was all...why does the have a ski coat on at the party, then I realized, oh it's a ski costume.  not a bad song either.
I worked out legs today at the gym, I have trouble really getting a mojo on working out my bird legs. but I did all the things I do, leg press, leg curls, leg extension, then single alternating leg squats ( I'm ectomorphic and don't want to hurt my knees doing big weights squats but sometimes I'll do both legs..)  anyway after that, I like to do dead lifts with 35 on each side of the bar, sometimes I'll alternate dead lift with squat lifts, I'd been noticing this one kid on the gym floor who sort of has a hot body like Jake Ryan but with an ass, except he's more nordic with button eyes, his hair has that shaved right up to the part style going on now.  anyway his dad is my age I'm pretty sure and in great shape sort of that big arm big torso in shape look and works out up there very now and then but not every day like the kid... today on my second set of dead lifts I saw the father come over and bump into his son and joke and laugh about something and I said to  myself, that's it I'm done, I'm going home. and I walked to the lockeroom and grabbed my stuff and left. :P
really nice day here and I came home and walked around the yard and watered some stuff and made some plans for spring. going to be grading papers tonight, ESL classes at the church were cancelled for a ash Wednesday service.  

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Rex said...

NICE. Glad you posted (again?)