Saturday, February 13, 2016

teacher targeted in AR..........

I related somewhat with this story "Gay Teacher Fired After Hacker Posts Sex Tape on School Website" I came across online. just a regular guy teaching high school math class in good ole Little Rock, AR (beautiful city that has a real community feel for such a big city!).  He apparently had a sex tape of he and his partner online somewhere and then someone hacked into his account and deliberately posted the video to the school website. yikes! of course he was fired.  He's fighting now for the state of AR to have stronger hate crime laws.  you can read the article linked above or here is a link to the gofundme page IF INTERESTED.... :)
There's a little something in this that backs up why I never really though I should apply at the private college I'd been thinking about recently. the state college I am at now is way more diverse, so to speak. 

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