Sunday, February 07, 2016

Loopwheeler dreams.................

If you're not familiar with Loopwheeler, it's a Japanese brand that use old machines to create a great cotton product.  If you ever owned the extrememly awesome Champion brand sweatshirts that made in this way, you'll understand the quality.  It's a timely process and now modern machines make them faster but never with this same design/quality.  I'm currently fascinated with these striped shirts, most likely because of something not available for purchase in this day of online shopping and international shipping. ha!  They do have an Amazon Japan account if you're interested in attempting a purchase of a great comfy best made sweatshirt. :) if possible, I'd probably go for the multi colored hoodie below. :P I'm still all about travelling to Paris or Barcelona again someday, but if I suddenly pop up in Japan, you'll know one of the reasons why........ ha

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