Monday, February 08, 2016

February already!

l week went by pretty nicely and I hope this one will too. I went to a stock club meeting last Monday night, which was interesting. we got some charts and graphs about how the economy isn't all that bad off really and not to worry too much.  we talked about the election and I asked about whether the results would affect my stock in Genworth which I bought under $2 in 2008 and it got up to $18 and now it's getting back down near $2. go figure. obviously I never had any idea what I was doing to begin with, and our bank guy who heads up the meetings said that it takes a strong disciplined sell plan!! ha all in hindsight. boo hoo.
I am getting used to the new semester and getting to know students.  They seem to be warming up to my teaching style and doing the work. (those who come to class that is).  I made lots of phone calls last Friday on my office hours only day, calling and asking if students were returning etc etc...
Last weekend was nice and steady, Friday night stayed in, Saturday afternoon graded papers and out in the yard. pizza lunch as usual. My buddy S came by and we went to the outlet mall and walked around a bit. I got a cheap pair of Fossil sunglasses then we ate at a restaurant over near there. Had a really good chat and catch up time talking about everything going on etc.  He'd had an experience the weekend before with some house-guests that involved an accident in the pool with a dog. all is fine now.
went in strong today teaching as planned. swam laps after work. I saw the same two guys who were finishing up the same as me last week on Friday.  two light skinned Latin guys speaking Spanish and short and very buff and built with some tattoos and one with a beard a bit muscular.  very nice, well today they were back and as I was getting dressed to work out ( my swim laps are a warm up 15 minutes worth is all), I made some conversation in Spanish and found out the hot beaded one was Colombian. thus the distinct sounding Spanish I'd noticed. worked out chest today nicely.  A military guy there from muskogee was telling me about his son that had a tumor removed from behind his knee etc... I lost my swim suit on the way out , and went back to ask the laundry towel guy because I'd thrown it in with my wet towel. UGH.. he said it was in the washer machine so they'll put my name on it so I can get it back tomorrow. oh well.
tonight i went to a neighborhood committee meeting.  It was just okay, we got our dates worked out for this year, the block party cookout, the yard of the month judging dates, the Halloween candy block trick or treat thing, and then it just went on fro there with the guy in charge own agenda.. basically the city is building a big ole new library and he feels they should take care of sewage lines and street repair first etc etc.  I brought up what about more police. I left before it was over because it was already after 8pm, we're supposed to be out in an hour.
I'm excited that Spring is coming. I can't wait to get the semester over worth and be back out in my yard again. I'll probably teach another intercession class though in May ah well.. more $$ for home repair hope everyone is enjoying the week! :)

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