Saturday, February 13, 2016

brand documentary magazine....

Brand. Balance.  I came across this magazine online today and couldn't buy one fast enough. know that's because of the brand Porter that I love so much and wanted to read ALL ABOUT. ha   but I've always been a magazine connoisseur of sorts and was fascinated that this was a documentary magazine without any adds nor supported by the subject of each issue in any way.  Interesting. I started googling and found one online for $15 from the B Magazine Website, but the shipping was so high, so I checked with the price at and their higher price and shipping came out to be just over the same amount, same with a place in Canada. so I said, hmmm might as well order straight from the source.  Looking forward to reading this!
I"d even consider subscribing, but the site is somewhat confusing , they say a subscription rate is $140, which is 10% off the newsstand price of $156 (10 issues, 2 double issues at $18, 8 at $15). However there is a note saying that the shipping is charged each month so really you could be paying twice the amount which is unclear.... I won't be subscribing soon, but look forward to reading my copy of B. :)  The next issue out is Berlin. Apparently a city is a brand, and I'd actually be interested in reading that issue.  Man,  how I wish I could go to Berlin.  After watching the video of Berlin done by the magazine, I posted on a social network "Anyone want to up and move to Berlin with me?"  a city 4 times larger than Paris with 1/3 of the people? is that true?  I"d think there would be many Syrians going there these days which would make it an even more interesting location perhaps.  Berlin, anyone? :)    ...........(Go FULL Screen for the video below)

Magazine B 43rd Issue: Berlin from Magazine B on Vimeo.

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