Friday, January 22, 2016

more Topo Designs.....

Okay, so enough already about the everlasting durability of the Cordura fabric that I've already gone on about that my MonocleXPorter bag is made out of that still looks as good as the day I got it etc etc...... However, I've decided to get a new bag for work, but I'm going to a wait a month or so. For years now I've been using a canvas tote bag which is nice enough, a few pockets inside on one side, and a long enough strap I can throw on my shoulder if my hands are full. But I'm thinking maybe I should get more serious about the back and forth to work and try out this American made CO style TOPO Commuter bag, a nice looking olive one or the more conservative basic black. Have you been needing a new bag for work? let me do the shopping for you. get this one for $169, it has a real leather base and details, pockets and sections inside, a shoulder strap AND backpack straps tucked into a pocket in the back. I don't carry a laptop back and forth to work or anything but I always have lots of folders and papers and sometimes a textbook to review in my bag. This may be my next work bag. :)

I've had a great work week back to work. yesterdays fun outfit above.... I started at gym on Sunday to make up for missing Monday, and I've been after work T,W,Th, and plan to go back today to hit chest again which will put me ahead for next week. woot woot.  I've met all my classes and am pretty excited about the office hours I finally got in this week to get semester planned and yesterday and today I am getting all my papers in order in my office. I had stacks and stacks of papers from this class and that class and meetings, just all a MESS! today I'll finish having everything sorted by assignment and which 1 - 4 essay and by class etc... going to feel good to have things in order at work, Then I plan to overlook my syllabus again and modify and change the pace or assignments how I see fit and get them a little more tweaked and updated. I have to get on top a lot of accommodations for students this semester. I'm more than willing to work with the students, but real life they'll only get so student has a paid assistant that attends class with him, that is very curious.
 keeping my house in order as well this week, laundry going stuff put away.  This is me in the winter when there is nothing to do outside in the yard. I get a LOT done. ha
I got up this morning without the alarm. Fridays I got in at 10 or 1030 and have office hours till about 3 or so which is when I leave to get in the pool before 3:30 so I can warm up before my workout (they take a 15 minute safety break at 3:45 so I can get a quick swim in before then, and if I'm late then I forgo the swim beccause then my whole schedule and timing is set back too far etc etc anyway).
So today I was up and making scones to take to work with me for the office.  had my breakfast and am looking to getting more work done today.  Dinner plans with buddy S and his bf and our friend J tonight.  tomorrow is a board (bored) meeting of my garden club from 10 to 12, then I have my usual pizza lunch at 12:30 but this time with a former student (remember the blond guy and his buddy I had in class my first year full time, it's the blond one). tomorrow night I might go to the art museum downtown for a movie screening. I'm undecided.  I've receonnected with a college friend in town and we're going to see Ya La Tengo in concert Feb 4th. the semester is looking good. enjoy the weekend!

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