Friday, January 15, 2016

getting through Janurary......

thought I'd grab a moment to blog a bit. Here I sit waiting patiently for the window people to come and install the 3 windows I had them come and measure for last Nov. the class I taught last summer is paying for these double pane windows. I live in an old typical bungalow style house front room with the wall taken out between that and the dining room making one big room, kitchen behind that. a doorway in the middle to the other side of the house. a hallway with a bathroom in between to bedrooms.  well the front windows are nice and big and face west with old single pane glass windows. I'm having those replaced and the kitchen single pane window that faces south.  all the rest of the house has storm windows of some sort attached.  Well I'll be curious to see if it saves some energy and I know it will buffer the sound of cars driving by out front. which is all good.
So here I sit at 2:45 and i came straight home from work to be here by 1pm of course! go figure.. I have everything pulled away on the porch and in the house.  I have the blinds down and the screens pulled away (I'm keeping the screens to cover where I've planted seeds outside to keep squirrels out).
finished my last day of intercession class today! woot woot. it went well. the class made with 9 students and will fit into my contracted 5 classes this semester which means I'll only have 4 this semester. I hadn't planned it like that, but se la vie. I'll take it! ha, I'll probably consider a May term two week class and then NOT teach a class during June and July. interesting possibilities there, so I better start saving and scrimping on my budget this spring!!!
I thank everyone for the comments and the few emails. so much to think about, definitely considering all! and I appreciate that guys can say well here's how I see it, without being hateful and making fun of a point of view..  I suppose one can live without having that perfect passionate romance, but I can see that companionship is definitely something we're intended to have regardless.  I'm a strong believer that we are meant to be social and communal human beings whether married or not etc.. not going into it.
so I've been teaching from 8 - 12:30pm this week and all last.  this week was more busy because of meetings at work in the afternoons.  usually I would have been working on my lesson schedule and syllabi but now i suppose I'll tweak together some things this weekend.  I have the terrible habit of knowing what they need to learn/here/do in class for each step of the way, and I go into my offcie early enough before class to grab what I need.  This can cause a rush with me since we're supposed to have everything printed ahead of time for classes. supposed to be a limit of 10 copies in our own offices. I've actually ridiculously printed 10 copies of something before leaving work and then 10 more upon arrival to campus. also I've gone to the division office to print the limit of 10 we're allowed there etc etc.. ha ha
I've been to the gym swimming and exercising all week. today, if they get done in time, I will go swim laps or workout arms. they just called and said they are cleaning up and were running behind 'cause of a big job blah blah. yeah yeah just come over and do this one please. :)
THere was some interesting animated film shorts showing last night at the museum downtown, I wasn't able to go. and this weekend there is a movie about 5 Turkish sisters who are kept locked up by their uncle and grandparents so they can marry them off traditionally etc. looking really interesting but I probably won't go. I'd rather just go to the gym, eat dinner at home and then chill and relax!! Netfilx shows maybe.
My buddy S and I plan to run around a bit tomorrow, malls or something. his bf is out of town so I look forward to running around and catching up like old times of course. they are doing great now that he's moved to OKC for good and working on his realtor liscense etc.. i won't be shopping for much this weekend since I already threw some cash at a shirt online this week..... I'm posting some photos of things I wore to work this week. I had fun putting the orange grey and yellow together. and also I was happy wearing the blue socks today with the brown pants and striped shirt.  everytime I was sitting down and saw the flash of blue I just smiled inside. :P it's the little things in life, just keep me going, always have... hope all have a great weekend.

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