Sunday, January 17, 2016

ever been to Iceland?

I've always wanted to visit Iceland and have it on a list of things to do. Anyway, I found this little booklet graphic novel while in NYC last December. i love the drawing style and color choices throughout. It sells on Amazon or Etsy, check it out if interested. It's basically a nice travelogue of the author's journey there and his insight and funny asides during the trip. by Lonnie Mann of


Anonymous said...

There's an airline called wowair that has cheap flights from major cities to Reykjavik at about $99 one way! They also go to different cities in Europe from there. I'm looking into a trip myself for about a week to London because of the price alone.

Travel said...

We did a 25 hour stopover in Iceland last August. It was fantastic. Iceland Air offers up to a 7 night stopover on tran-Atlantic flights at no additional airfare. They also sell one way tickets, I used frequent flyer miles to go to Germany last summer and a one-way return on Iceland Air coming back. My only regret is I should have stayed at least two nights. There are some pictures here and on other pages around the posting