Saturday, December 26, 2015

Thursday, December 24, 2015

what a week!.

It's been a good busy holiday week......basically last week and weekend I was cleaning up my house, which means putting all things AWAY, including all kitchen counters, my bedroom, and the bathroom etc...all in prep for my parents and siblings coming over for dinner.
last weekend I was dog sitting for buddy Sc at his place and enjoying his direct tv channels. He was in AR all weekend for his BF last big weekend and goodbye parties.  I ran errands Saturday that included getting some fresh flowers at Whole foods to leave at Sc's place for the bf, just to say welcome to OKC.  Btw what's up with all the healthy clean cut gym attire guys shopping at whole foods? every time!  anyway, Saturday night I super enjoyed watching "Guardians of the Galaxy" on Sc's tv and coloring on some paper to make a banner that said Welcome Home to his bf.  After Christmas break they'll be living together here in OKC from now on. Not sure what we all have planned for new year's eve, but Sc mentioned 4 of his bf's friends coming over from AR and all of us going out to dinner with the bf's son and our friend J here in okc.  I might not be able to make it, it remains unclear.
Monday I got some gifts wrapped up and boxed and to the post office! I went over to my sister's house and hung out with her and family for a while, had lunch, went in to my office to gather a few papers, and then to the GYM! oh it felt so good to get back and swim laps. Monday night I watched road show and chilled. Tuesday morning I worked on getting laundry done and some clothes put away in my room, and then went and saw STAR WARS!!
I loved it! I really really really liked it.  I'm not sure if was just the non stop action, storyline, seeing familiar characters again, the script, the great acting,??? but oh boy did I love it and am hoping to see it again soon at the theater, maybe with buddy Sc and his bf and son. we'll see.  I went with my friend H and bf M from Austin who are in town all week. they'd considered staying a night or two here, which is why I was trying to clean my room so deeply.  However, they have decided to stay at his dad's house in town all week, and I was all right with it.  Going to the movies and back, we didn't haven't all that much to say or catch up on about anything, and I think mainly this is due to the stress he's always under when visiting OKC since his mom was put in a convalescent home a few years ago. I do still enjoy seeing them though, and perhaps I'll get back down to fun Austin and visit them in their town. It's been YEARS and I love that place.
well not as much as NYC perhpas. ha!  when I arrived home from the movies around 4:30 there was a message on my answering maching (yes I still have a home line and machine) from my church friend B. she's 87 and a widow and I give her rides to our garden club meetings and sit next to her at church on Sunday nights. (She told me last Sunday that she couldn't believe they weren't having an evening service that night and that she thought there were too many young people on the board! ha ha). anyway she wanted me to come over and help with some branches in her back yard. So I left and got over there by 5:30 just as it started getting dark. she had an old wooden ladder and some saws pulled out of her husbands work shed.  I climbed up and sawed a few off and pulled down the others with my body weight! ha. we dragged them out the her front curb and then I went inside and listened while she went through her bowl of Christmas cards about who they were from and who she knew or didn't know. ha
Yesterday I had to get out for more errands, never ending! I still needed cake flour for this recipe I wanted to try from a magazine at Whole Foods, there was a hazel nut cake on the cover. got what I needed, went by Sc's to say hi to the dog and return an iphone charger cord I ended up taking home with mine oops. and then went to Office Depot to get some blank cd and a plug adapter so I could plus in some lights next to a lamp.  well sure enough I came across this marked down display with everything like $1 or $2. , yup I loaded up with staplers and boxed of binder clips to sneakily leave in co workers' boxes when I go back up to work next week. ha! also I got some folders and stuff and I was really glad to find some globe strings led lights for $2. sweet, had those puppies out and batteries in and hung before dinner last night! :).  I got home before noon and started baking the hazelnut cake.
Since I don't have a food processor I had to slice up and mince them up myself. made the cake , baked it, made the frosting, and again without the processor I had to use a cheese grater to get chocolate shavings.  but it all turned out well.  I made the lasagna Monday night so that was already done.  I kept getting thigns ready and clean, table set up, bathroom final cleaning, music on, had a glass of wine and cut up some cheese slices as my brother arrived. next my mom and and dad and then two sisters and spouses. we had a great time!
I'm taking a slice of cake and maybe some leftover lasagna for lunch to B today.  She gets lonely on holidays especially .  She'll see her kids on Friday though.  I plan to go check out another Office Depot south of me today, and then go by folks' place tonight for pizza and chill time. all my siblings have family time with their kids and families today.  We'll all get together tomorrow afternoon for a family dinner, although we keep it low key, sandwiches and treats.  we all drew names at Thanksgiving and will exchange gifts.  I plan to spend tomorrow making gingerbread whoopie pies? something else from the magazine. ha Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and Christmas season. :)

happy holidays!