Friday, December 04, 2015


I had a great thanksgiving weekend! last Wed morning I got out of the house by 7am and drove up to AR for the weekend. I'd planned to do some things with my buddy and family for his birthday. we drove over to Bentonville at Crystal Bridges and got to look around and inside the Bachman-Wilson house that was taken apart and reconstructed from a location in NJ.  what a wonderful time to get to see everything inside and walk around and view the design and eveyrthing. there was a very hunky young blond bearded guide inside in a nice tight shirt and tie who answered all our questions..mmmm. No photography allowed inside, so I include a photo of the back side here.
We also went inside to see the exhibit on Passage to the Americas.. something like that. lots of paintings of early explorers and pioneers to North America.  We viewed them and marveled at how untouched all the land was and how it's changed and "developed" since...There is a nice place to eat at Crystal Bridges called Eleven. had a great lunch.  well I got back to town eventually and went to see T and discuss the day and chill for a while. believe me it was a long day what with the 3 kids and in the car on the way back and the kids running around my bud's place when we got back.  I'm good at entertaining kids thankfully but my energy by then, as a single person who lives alone, I was ready to get away. ha  T and I went to dinner at the local pizza place, and then I drove over to a former bud, Brt's house.  He was a good friend in college who ran his dad's furniture store downtown. the nicest guy you'll ever meet.  I'll describe him as I tried to explain to T, he's one of those good ole guys that I always felt accepted me as I am and never felt judged by of being straight or gay just always treated me like another guy friend, if that makes sense, totally cool man.  Now he's married with a boy finishing high school and a kid in 5th grade, so I got to meet his kids, talk it up with him for about an hour and a half and then his wife appeared and we talked a while longer, I think it was like 3 hours non stop talking. a great time!! He offered to stay at his place anytime in town, which might be a nice option sometime if needed. It was awesome catching up. They are all about finding a college for the boy who wants to study film, and have considered UT at Austin, SMU in Dallas, and the local college JBU, and somewhere in Conway, AR and maybe someplace in Tulsa. obviously they can afford where ever he wants to go. he's a super smart kid and already received a scholarship locally.  I told them I'd ask at my college since we have a film dept about good choices in this region for film ( but c'mon, NOT SMU!!! and UT is out cuz it's too hard to get in anyway).
I got home about 10pm to my hosts place(where I always stay the couple with 2 boys), they were in OKC and so I had the place to myself . Wow I got to sleep in their bedroom downstairs and they have the most comfortable bed ever!!!! oh my land it was great.
Thursday I got up and relaxed in bed a while ("relaxed") and eventually got up and ready and breakfast and by 10am I as over at T's for our Thanksgiving, she had made home made cinnamon rolls, YUMM. then continued to cook the rest of the day.  I helped clean up things in the kitchen as she put them in the sink, and I went out in the back yard and got her shed swept out and compacted it's contents. the plan was to move things into the shed and out of her storage unit but it rained all weekend so we didnt' do that. I did get the shed in order and ready though.  I watched tv and read my book otherwise. we had lunch by 2pm. the rest of day we relaxed and watched tv and lounged around. I think we wathced Anne of Avonlea at some point and then a few epeisodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. went back to J &S place and crashed.
Friday mornign slept in and had breakfast then over to T's again. because of the icy rain all day, we spent time making some order of her front extra bedroom (she lives in an old 2 br one bath place like me).  It was full of stack s of stuff stuff, so we went through everything, organized this, moved that, threw away this, kept that, etc... I vacuumed and we got things in order so that eventually when we DO empty her storage, she can stack some things in that room etc...
leftovers for lunch, read my book some more... I've been readying this book I got a few weeks ago. I just finished it last night actually. I LOVED IT!!! It's called "the Letter for the King" by Tonke Dragt.  It's children's literature but a great quest and journey tale in the age of kings and knights. it's about a squire who is given a task just before coming a knight and has to travel a long distance to deliver a letter, and along the way comes against many obstacles etc.. i JUST LOVE it and couldn't stop reading it or wait to continue to see what would happen. there is also a beautiful freindship story involved.
it quit raining around dinner time so we went over to get a bunch of tubs out of storage full of fabric, and then to Lowe's to get her a new faucet, I had told her I'd buy one and install it for her, because the one in her house was old and the single faucet was either all hot or all cold and was worn out.  She was thrilled to have a new one, plus she was glad that it was a high rise since the old one she couldn't get dishes underneath etc...
Anyway, Friday night t and I were going to go watch a movie at J& S's big house and just chill there all night, but she suddenly got a text from S saying they were driving back from OKC early because the roads were going to ice over on Saturday... ha we rushed over to their place so I could pick up my clothes and stuff which I'd spread all over the place in their room of course making myself right at home.  we changed the sheets, put on clean ones,  packed up all my stuff and I got their kids top bunk bed twin mattress and brought it downstairs to sleep on the floor in the from room as usual.
when they arrived, we visited briefly and then left to meet my buddy Jf or drinks downtown.
While at the downtown restaurant in the bar area, A couple walked up and sure enough it was a former college housemate JR and his wife!! they had seen us walk in and came to say hello, happened to be in twon that weekend with their kids so i got to meet their 4 kids, including the oldest who models and is the current face of Taylor Swift clothing line in China, ha random right? she was super nice and while the wife spoke to T and caught up with JR. tall couple with tall kids. We spoke briefly so not to leave buddy Jf at the table haning.  (buddy Jf has a big hangup with JR because he sort of has a hangup about how everyone in town thinks JR can do no wrong and loves him which is true, and he's still dealing with insecurities and/or jealous issues so yeah he's never liked the guy. ha! and I mean they met way back when I lived with JR and Jf was just starting college alas...) anyway T and I continued our evening with Jf , and he pretty much stole her heart talking about how he was trying to keep his brother in law from leaving his wife's sister and since T is divorced she was sensitive to all he said, and especially when they spoke about a local couple who the man Cs left the wife Tc for the manager of the restaurant he was working at, blah blah long story, and she had been couseling the wife Tc during the whole thing and Jf had spoken to Cs about it etc etc.. (small town!!). anyway she thinks the moon of buddy Jf now....
Saturday morning I made scones for the family and also some to take over to buddy Brt and his family who love just down the road, they were pleasantly surprised. around 12:30 I packed up and went downtown to the cafe/bakery where T works, i sat back in the kitchen with her and then ordered  sandwich and ate it while vistiing, I hit the road by 2 pm back OKC, drizzly out and taking it home easy and carefully in the weather.

I had a great time and it felt so good to see everyone and just get away. whew!  when I arrived back home, there were trees down everywhere becuase of th ice storm that his.  blocking my driveway, on my fence, all over the yard, but not on the fence. :)  after church Sunday I spent 2 hours on the front yard dragging branches to the curb and breaking 'em u and pulling down etc.. I will do the back yard tomorrow's still a warzone back there.
This week went by nicely at work, final paper came in on Monday and Tuesday, and I've returned both class's back already on Wed and Thurs.  I have 2 more classes of papers to grade by Monday, so I'll be working on that today in the office and this weekend.  I'm getting excited for the NYC trip. I must get paper done and out of the way this weekend so I can prepare and gets clothes and packing in order for the trip!  my friend A who I'm going with wanted to go out to eat and see a movie this weekend but I told her, no I'm grading papers so maybe just grab a bite somewhere so we can finalize plans for the trip next weekend. plus I have to clean up the backyard and my house inside needs the usual pick up and laundry done. whew. busy time am I right. Oh btw, Sunday I brought down all my Christmas boxes out of the attice and got out all the stuff I want for the tree this year, but no tree up yet. ALSO THAT this weekend if I have some time.
I made cookies last night for a meeting at 1pm today, guess I'll get up  and get to ready for week! enjoy the season all!

Tuesday, December 01, 2015