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oh mr. chase!........

week in November..........

break is almost here. pretty exciting times.  I am prepared for classes this week, going over papers that will be due next week for all my classes. Tuesday I have another moving job after work, so no gym day, bummer, however since it's a holiday weekend my whole routine is whacked out either way... Wednesday morning I'm driving up to AR to meet up with my best buddy J and his wife and 3 kids to go to the Crystal Bridges for with them for his birthday Wednesday. I got him some house pants and long sleeve T with Star wars ships all over them from Uniqlo, I think he'll get a real kick out of the gift.  We're going to tour around a moved and reconstructed Frank Lloyd Wright house there on the property and then see the art inside. I'm not spending Thanksgiving with the family and instead will be with friend T, fixing our own meal and hanging around that day and then a project, I'm helping get her moved out of storage she's been paying for since selling her house and with a shed in her backyard etc. I'll be spending Thanksgiving with her and then relaxing and maybe visiting a few friends while in town. yawn. no family this year, they'll wait til Christmas.
things are going well and I'm still looking forward to my trip with vet friend A in December.  We're not going to the statue of liberty, instead I think I'll plan a morning to the High line or maybe a museum in the south seaport...  I wanted to try and get a lunch at Plaza Hotol the palm atrium room, but no going that weekend, ALL BOOKED. ahh well some other time.
I need to get some more roof repair done, but otherwise I'm sort of dreaming up a vacation for next year. my goal is to fly to Paris, train to london, fly up to Reykjavik and then back to London, back to Paris.  I'm also trying to figure out how to get Barcelona or Norway in there.  I'd like to try a Spring break trip for the first 3 somehow... if not then 2 weeks and do whatever next summer.  If I teach an intercession class during winter break, and then again in May, then I could save up all the extra cash for the trip, however then I'd have to go during the summer which is busier everywhere, or in August which I don't know about August all those places. anyway, this is my current dream stage idea. :P
 I'm getting things pre packed and planned tonight for the trip up to AR since I have to leave early Wed morning and since I work tomorrow after work. busy week! :)