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that bulge though.............

drink up, buddy...........

can't you see....

i can breathe.......

hey I'm not drowning in work again... woo hoo. I've been super busy getting back to work and teaching and then grading all the first round of papers that came in. Getting things in order, lessons prepared, blah blah. but I'm at a good point. I quit giving homework (writing assignments) and right now all my classes are just researching and drafting til the next essay is due. ah yeah!
I'm enjoying all my students in all 4 classes. My 5th class this year is an online course that I'm not really giving 100 percent to but I hope to kick it up a notch soon. there was this one pregnant girl who showed up after missing the first 2 weeks of classes, and I had already put her name down as never attended which would have gotten her dropped from the course, but when she showed up, like a dummy I went and chenged my report which was due that Monday by 5pm. THe next day my boss told me that if that happened again just send her downstairs for the dean to tell her, nope she missed 2 weeks and is being withdrawn. What I've learned is that, she was in it for the financial aid money all along and is not coming back. (IF they are never attended the first 2 weeks, they don't get the money). anyway, blah blah. sucks that people work the system like that and of course I haven't seen her since, and most likely she won't drop the class which means I already know they'll be big fat F on my reports this semester. alas.
this tall 20 yo guy from WA who has a job welding and works late late nights before coming to my morning class. It was pretty funny when he came up to talk to me after class about the work he'd missed the day before. I was pointing to the corner of my desk where he was standing to write down an assignment and couldn't help but notice his crotch just above desk level and the rod like lump extending from the center and down to the right/his left..... while I was writing something down and telling to write down something else, at the same time noticing the shape in his jeans and acting completely blase' and playing completely dumb, the guy shoved his left hand into his pocket , ha the old try to hide cover up hand in pocket. ha that's what happened when you get less than 5 hours sleep and the body hasn't had it's sleep time to do it's automatic keep the blood flowing thing. I don't THINK he noticed that I noticed but obviously he was aware. ahhh youth! ha ha
so that's my funny work story. I been going at it non stop at work, the main reason I keep so busy is that I have an extra hour set aside each morning to go by the practice rooms in the performance center. I've been trying to get my fingers back in shape after not playing much piano all summer. I've been working on some strange tunes in a little booklet I got this summer, Bartok's Fifteen Hungarian Peasant Songs.
I found some flight for my vet friend and I to go to NYC in Dec. the 11th-14th. all set only $244 for each of us and it's even Southwest which means no fee to check a bag (undetermined if I'll check one yet, but possibly if I do some big time Christmas shopping.) I found a great place with a loft bedroom and pullout couch downstairs for me and a bathroom both upstairs and downstairs for my friend I to stay in on Airbnb, BUT it wasn't accepted. boo hoo. the guy replied he was hoping for someone to stay longer period of days that week (which I though well jerk, then change your minimum amount of days more than 3 so it's not coming up in the search!!! :P) ha. anyway, so now I'm still seraching for a place for both of us to stay, she is a platonic friend and I'd prefer to have separate room for her and anything for me to sleep on in the main room etc whatever. but if I have to I'll get a place with a pullout for me and bed for her in the same studio if it comes to that. OR I may book us single rooms at the Jane Hotel where I have stayed before. though it is a bit of a walk from the metro. it's a great clean tidy place and i love the breakfast cafe downstairs. but probably I'll find something on airbnb, our budget is like #230 or less a night
Once I get the place to stay secured, I'll be buying tickets to a show as fast I can before all good seats are gone, if not already. Not sure what's good to see this year, perhaps I'll see American in Paris or Neverland, or maybe some usual standby favorite since she never gets to NYC and might want to see one of the usual hits. suggest away! my goal this trip is to shop for interesting ties and maybe some resale clothing places. I'm still inspired to find clothes like those costumed in the next to the last harry Potter movie, or maybe it was the last one, where they are all in dark browns and purples and orange and olives.. guess i better start saving up and ignoring all the emails of new stuff from Norse Store and Norse Projects. ;)
gym is going well and consistent enough. I did 4 days this week, getting that extra arm day in on Friday and not going Wed due to work or something or nother. next week I'll be going only 3 because Tuesday I'm helping my brother unload a moving truck into his place (he's moving back to OKC!) and then Friday I plan to drive up early to Siloam Springs and try to get a lunch in with a good college friend there that I never see when I'm in town. I've been tempted to get, and maybe tomorrow, this Alex Mill shirt to wear to homecoming next weekend, but the sizes threw me off, Stag listed a Medium the same numbers as Alex Mill did for size Large...blah I emailed and got a response from Alex Mill with exact measurements and they said it was prewashed and dried soooo..... hmmmmm I dunno. I'll post a photo of the beautiful plaid shirt. I go for things with color that include blue that looks good with my blue eyes and some grey that corresponds to the little bit of grey in my beard. :P
 Anyone watching project runway? I have been enjoying it this season, nobody too awfully nasty or bizarre. and everyone I have wanted to lose or go home has by now. there was this gay kid who I couldn't wait to leave. He was SO ANNOYING!!! and the goofball blond girl that had no vision from Austin finally left this week. the bearded guy or the short black girl will probably leave next. we'll see. my favorites are the Indian guy and Ashley I think also the Laura girl and the girl that won this week that looks like Abby from NCIS ha ha.
When I got home from work yesterday there were 2 helicopter hovering over my neighborhood and i couldn't figure what might have happened. then when I got home I saw the news had live coverage of the arrival of Trump to OKC! ha ha oh brother! had a gret dinner last night out with J and my buddy S. shopped a bit at nordstrom's The Rack in okc then home and read a graphic novel I bought at the Full Circle bookstore on the way home, a rewritten and illustrated "The Odyssey." today I've been out in the yard all morning, it's been glorious, A neighbor who I met a while back, the husband of a couple my age, well his wife wasn't home the other weekend when I made and brought over scones to say welcome to the neighborhood, she was super nice and talked and talked, ha and I told her I'd get some over there sometime so she could try 'em. then it was a big pizza lunch and now I'm about to get back outside and work in the yard, maybe mow. going to make some chocolate chip cookies soon also. need a little pick me up after pizza lunch. slurp!

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