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I came across a pretty interesting read from a guy who takes a position that sexuality is just plain sexuality and that God doesn't see us as hetero or homo. It is the first thing I've read that hints at another position I've discussed with friends before, the idea of the church practically appearing like a cult ideology of have as much straight sex as possible and kids and grandkids when in reality it's about the gospel and LOVE.   

There was a news story on the radio this morning about El Salvador and how the gangs have taken it over and have been killing bus drivers and making the whole bus system stop? The reporter made a comment of how immigrants to America who learned the gang world while here and then were deported and brought the gang world back to El Salvador with them. I was wondering how if perhaps churches had reached out to all those prisoners and illegal immigrants, could any of it be avoided. How churches do nothing about the needs of illegal immigrants in this country says a lot about the misdirected of churches in the first place, that they are more concerned on who's having sex with who and not who is right there in their community suffering. anyway, these are just thoughts.
I went to spin class and swam laps this morning. then came home and walked around the yard (I'm feeling somewhat guilty to have a soaker hose going on an odd day, gasp! ha). and then breakfast, and now after watching some youtube clips of Monty Python, I've turned it off and am going to get back outside!  I'm off work until aug 10th so trying to keep myself busy and entertained around here.
Someone is coming by tomorrow morning to give me a price on double pane windows for the house, and I am going to call a few more places this morning.  gym later and then maybe run up to the mall with buddy S who likes to shop Dillard's sales. cheers

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Cayucas, Hella..........

I'm really enjoying this latest Cayucas album. so summery and California feeling. Also I can't say enough about the new C Duncan album, Srchitect, great stuff!

back to gym!