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grand old flag!

a few photos of my flag flying high today. Happy 4th to all. :)


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summer is on

I'm still here. last week was crazy, and this one isn't any less crazy. ha the best thing about last week was that I was off work M,W,and Fri and it felt great. I got on a regular schedule of swimming every morning and either spinning class or yoga. and working out and swimming after work on T/Th! last Wednesday night I went and saw the movie Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.  I had a free preview pass from online. I left in time to get up to the Staples store and print out the ticket because I'd forgotten to print it out at work.  the guy there was really nice and gave me the printout and said, just take it, it's like 12 cents! ha that was nice.  I got over to Quail Springs Mall by 7 and there was already a long line, but once we all go in, I had a pretty easy time finding a seat right in the middle, not to high or low since I'm only one person. there was a lady next to me from Chicago by herself and we were talking about all the stuff she didn't like about Oklahoma City. ha ha. and then some guy on my right kept adding to our conversation. blah He'd spoken to here before at another movie preview. there must be regulars who email in for free movie preview tickets.
anyway, the film was really good. it's exactly what the title says.  The script is written with very frank high school talk, and has a sort of coming of age friendship lesson and I guess learning to love self.  The guy in the film is accused of separating himself from everybody and not actually being a friend to anyone because he can't learn to like himself.  I drove home wondering, huh, is that me?  It was an overall nice film.  Molly Shannon did a rocking job as a mom in the film.  and the friendship had a bit of loyalty moment at the end. so good.
Friday night I drove downtown for the 5:30 showing of The Wolf , a documentary about 6 brothers from an Incan dad and midwestern white mom who were raised in a New York City projects and homeschooled and only allowed outside once a  year for an "outing." it was bizarre and interesting.  I wanted more of the sociological implications and results in being raised in such a way, but overall it was pretty intriguing to watch.  there were some over long drawn out scenes that made it fill like they were filling time, but overall, from what they had to work with, I guess great job.  It's based off of video footage the boys made while growing up where they act out movies and then modern day interviews over a period of time.  Again it made me reflect on if I'm seperating myself from the real world.

Saturday I was going on a garden tour most of the day until about 4pm, then some club members came over to walk round my yard, and then I followed them over to another lady who lives north of me to check out her garden. she had 6 small dogs in the back yard.  one was an overweight rat terrier. ugly. one was a cairn terrier that I though was really cute, so small and loved me, she offered for me to take it since she'd rescued it a few months ago. nah... also the 6th dog was a resuce dog some wort of little bitty poodle mix and it was mostly blind with one eye all swollen and dry and nasty. poor think, I pet it a lot too.
I got so riled up listening to NPR yesterday, I even posted on NPR about it. it was because they were tlaking about county clerks who wouldn't issue a marriage license to gay couples because of "beliefs" and I couldn't help wondering what about all the liquor licenses or business license to sell whatever adult products etc..?!?!  I'm so glad God forgives sin equally without picking and choosing one sin over another ...... I don't know why churches think that making a law is going to do anything to build the faith, wasn't that where the old testament was getting it wrong?
anyway..... this week equally crazy, today I had class, then dentist at 2pm then gym, and then a friend came by to tour my yard.  tomorrow I have a moving furniture job at 6:30am, then over to my sister's I'm driving to Ft Wrth TX with my 2 older sisters and brother to our uncle's funeral. my folks went down there today for a viewing and family time. so we're all gonna be down there for the funeral at 2pm.  when I get back I'm going to my parents' house to visit my younger sister who is in town with her family this week. anyway, the weekend and the 4th is coming soon. I hope everyone is enjoying your summer.


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