Saturday, June 20, 2015

selfie saturday....

that week just flew by.....

guys I'm so behind on that stupid online course that profs are required to take (we get paid for taking it too but still...) only a week left thank goodness! ugh but I haven't done anything on it this week. Monday I was at work before 10 for a 10;30 - 12;30 meeting where we practiced our presenation for the new course training, for some reason two VP's from the college were there too?!? and then lunch and then we trained 30 people from 2-5pm, and again from 5:30-8:30 pm, Tuesday was class and gym, Wed back up there to train from 9-12 and then HOME... ugh
I had dinner at my folks' place with my 2 sisters and a cousin who was visiting from CO.  We haven't seen him since I was 10 I think, that was one Christmas that we drove out to Phoenix . last time we saw him and he was 13 at the time... after that it's a blur but somewhere after high school he was arrested a few times, ended up in prison for the last 20 or more years, and now he's been out for about 9months. So this was our first time. his mom (my aunt) her health is failing recently so I guess that why he came out to visit in case the last.  anyway dinner was fine, we all talked up a storm, my sisters mostly remembering all the games and things they did together as a kid (he lived with us briefly in TX when his mom was single and then they'd visit a few times when we moved to OK when i was 6)
anyway, so I'm going back there again tonight Sat nt for dinner with all of them and my brother is coming down to visit as well, one fo the sisters wont be there. anyway, I'd been praying for weeks and asking family to do same about the experience.  We're not sure how he is living in CO or what friends he has or what substances he uses, hopefully just marijuana, but there was a hint from my folks that he does wire recycling?? which could mean robbing copper wire for money, who knows? I hope not and I hope the visit will put some hope into his life, I dunno what else to say about that.
well there is the part about the touching and playing that happened that time he visited us in OK, and I always used to wonder if that made me gay, but I figure it was just boys stuff. But I also wonder about how hard it was for my cousin growing up with no dad, then getting a really hardlined baptist preacher stepdad, until that divorce, and then who knows after that, unstable life and all ya know.
: Anyway, on Thursday - class and gym and home. thing is I got 20 papers turned in Tuesday and I need to grade those suckers.
Friday I thought I'd have the whole day off, but nope, A Thursday email reminded me I had training session from 9 - 3pm all day Friday.. whoosh.  went and got a haircut after that then home,cleaned and changed and went over to the garden center to help set up for an event, Next I went out to dinner with S and some friends of his in town from AR (to audition for the Voice). then came home and mowed etc. I got news yesterday that a lady I worked with passed away. she has two young boys in college, a very nice conservative churchy brown bobbed haired lady in glasses. always smiling and in and out of the office and talking up a storm, twice a week all last year I'd run into her (the adjunct office is right outside my door) she'd come in all the time and we'd talk about her ESL students, and background teaching in Belgium, or her kids, or teaching in general, about piano, she played at her church and was able to just play any song using chords. not me I have to have music. I gave her an extra praise music piano book I had with me one day. she brought me some rudbeckia starter plants just this srping.(man am I ever going to be trying to keep those alive now!).  she gave me a little card at the end of the year, saying thank you and fine young man etc stuff in it. I can't begin to tell ya how surprised I was to here about it. apparently (and she'd mentioned it before) she had Lupus, and although a colleague in charge of adjuncts was telling me yesterday that he'd spoken to her just a few days ago, and she said she'd been week, was going back to the hospital, but this had all happened before and she said she'd be back and just very suddenly got very worse.  she always had a smile and calm demeanor although very conservative but talking to all. She'll be missed... okay enough of that.
Today I was up early and in the yard, up at the garden center, lunch later PIZZA! and then this afternoon probably see my Austin buddy in town and grade papers hopefully.  I eventually will get back to that online course. UGGHHH.
oh one more thing, as I was feeling overwhelmed with work and not in the mood to grading papers after home from work this week, I bingewatched a show on Netflix instead! ha my little escape and comfort place, I guess.
I watched this British tv series , a mystery with two detectives solving a murder in a small coastal town west UK.  it was unstoppable!!! I watche done episode Tuesday night and immediately the next, then it was full on for the next two days until I found myself Wednesday night on the last 8th episode watching them solving who was the murdered about 10 minutes into the last episode. I was up way too late past 11pm and turned of the laptop.  Thursday morning as I sat down with my breakfast I watched the rest of it.... I was crying non stop, I was putting my dishes away, standing there putting on my pants shirt and tie watching my laptop and bawling.  the show just comes together at the end and everyone in town sort of deals with the outcome, it's done SO WELL and so GOOD!! no crazy back stories or twists or side plots, just one story about the people in one community all connected somehow. it was SO GOOD, it just pulled me right along with it. One of the actors was David Tenant from Doctor Who, all of them were briliiant. what closure and what ending!! whoah.. watch it on Netflix today seriously if interested. I was suggested it online and though, okay I'll check it one episode big deal, then it had me just hook line and sinker. :)


Monday, June 15, 2015

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Saturday mini shopping haul...

went running around with bud S after dinner last night at Milagro's. I'd never been to this store called Nordstrom Rack which is fairly new and he likes to shop there for deals.  he got some shoes and I got the shorts below, 2 pairs of shorts and 2 pairs of boxers. I went back by the mall before dinner and got the shirt above, I took 2 photos just to show the detail in the collar that I really liked all the colors in the trim. anyway and below I happened upon these plates at pottery barn marked way down and they had my name all over the, the colors and the style, matchbook covers on plates. ha

cowboy up day..........