Saturday, May 23, 2015

get ready guys....

ten things to do in Denver when...........

great time in Denver!  Tuesday I got out of town by 220 with T and we headed off to my sister's in the panhandle. about a 4 hour drive.  It took us a bit more than that since I missed an exit going west on I40 as we were just sort of talking away.  headed north, north west, we hit a downpour and continued right on, also we were fascinated by all the wind turbines with their tops up into the low hanging clouds.  At my sister's, she had dinner waiting for us, we visited all night with her family and crashed by 1030 or so... I brought several potted plants up with me and explained them in the morning as we got them out of the back of my truck.  we were out of there by 9 am and headed west again... finally reaching Boise City where we took a north turn and up through Colorado,
We stopped for lunch in Lamar and went to the visited center for maps and info etc.. continued up through Kit Carson and then over to Denver... Our friends were home with their kids all home from school by the time we arrived around 430.  smoked chicken for dinner, lots of catching up, got to read one of the boys a story before bed, my favorite.  All the kids liked the gifts i'd brought.
Thursday everyone had to work or go to school. T and I drove around Denver , first stopping at Voodoo doughnuts on Colfax and driving around in general, over to downtown, parking, going over to the Tattered Cover bookstore, and then to Union Station for lunch at Snooze. it was awesome and there were about 3 or 4 nice-looking guys waiting tables. all thin, in shape, and dressed casual and looking like they were ready to get off work and head up to hike some mountain. so fit. and our waiter had the perfect charm as grinned at us every time he came by and every other table etc..
next we walked down to 16 street walking mall, eventually getting back in the truck and getting back to south Denver to our friends' place.  hung out at the place with everybody and the dad smoked chicken for dinner. our hosts wanted to go up to the gym after the kids were in bed, So my buddy and I worked out while the 2 girls walked around the track the whole time. slept well, especially with the altitude and all.
our friends were both off work Friday, so after the kids had been taken for their half day of school (and last), we went to Denver Biscuit Co for breakfast. I highly recommend it! damn good!!
we drove around a bit and then to the wife's work to visit another college friend that works there.
we got the kids back home and some napped and some watched tv, in the afternoon, the wife and I went to a very excellent nursery called Jared's while T went to get a haircut.  I bought a lot of plants, some for my friends here. ha  I'll be taking them back to Oklahoma with some very nice huge chunks of rock that my buddy got from one of his construction jobs out by the royal gorge. he brought home some huge chunks of quartz for me to put out in my flowerbeds at home. sweet!
T and I ran some errands yesterday before dinner, then we all pizza, and after kids were to bed, we all went to downtown littleton for deserts.  I have to highly recommend this place called General Store in downtown Littleton!! the cutest boy with smooth white skin and dark loose hair was working and smiling and laughing at all my jokes. T and I were cracking him up at one point while arguing about purchases. they have foodie stuff and just out of the ordinary small gift stuff... next we walked down to Deliczio's for some drinks and deserts. home later and settling in.
I sort of binge watched several episode of Rescue Me on netflix before going to sleep last night. I was skipping through to get the Probie Mike story of season 3 and then 4. some sort of gay deal with his roomate where he only receives blowjobs but then the roomie gets pissed that he still wants to sleep with girls and kicks him out and goes to the firehouse to tell everyone he's gay . then probie has to say he only recieved blowjobs, that's it, then everyone calls him gay, then his mom dies and he gets depressed blah blah blah. anyway, I'll have to see what happens the next 3 seasons but I want to get to the part where he decides he is gay and becomes a wedding planner?? wtf, the series was criticized for it's writing of the whole gay storyline with Mike and I agree it's really piecemeal.
okay well, today we're taking everyone on a hike somewhere, then this afternoon T and I will go to the botanical garden, and I hope to visit the son of the couple I stayed with in Central America this past Feb. I think we're all going to Red Rock later today or maybe tonight we're going for a concert of something. lots of rain here this weekend but I'm loving the get away relaxed feel of every day I'm here. cheers.

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love your buddy................

ready to get outta here..............

back from the gym, sitting here just wondering what I should bring to Denver tomorrow. it's highs of 61 and lows of 45. so I get to get by sweaters and long sleeves back out and plan some outfits with jackets etc. ha.  all heck is breaking loose around here since I'm off my normal routine. that's what happens during transition time for me every year. I did buy my usual 12 packet of chicken tenders to cook up and eat during the week, so I'll be eating cashews for dinner and then a few cookies. I'm making chocolate chip cookies for the road trip.  I love eating the dough too while I'm making them. yum! adulthood, so great. I've got it down to a certain way I like 'em.  I divide up the sugar asked for into equal parts dark brown, white, and coconut palm sugar (yum that's what gives an extra crunch when eating the cookie dough). I skimp a little bit on the baking soda and throw in a bit of baking powder. for chocolate chips I mix a bunch of different ones: Nestle semisweet, Nestle milk chocolate, Nestle butterscotch (just a little handful), Ghiredelli semisweet, Ghiradelli 60% cacao (yum!), Hershey special dark, and some new organic thing Pascha 55% cacao.  I've had the 386 Whole foods brand dark chocolate chunks in there before too but I'm all out tonight.  I call them mystery chip cookies. 
Today was a my last required day at work, classes were over last Friday, but there was a required luncheon today and then the planning committee I'm on met 2-3:30....we're getting closer to finishing up the new course, but we meet again next Wednesday for 4 hours, and then we'll be presenting and training the faculty etc etc this summer next fall. but at least I get paid for every meeting and session. woo hoo!  this year I learned that i can't do everything, teach 5 classes, teach one online class, work in advising, participate in committees, swim every morning, swim every afternoon and workout, move furniture after work, etc etc... I grew up a people pleaser and someone who couldn't say no. I have learned to say no. It feels good because I know I'll be doing a better job at the things I'm doing by not doing too much. I'm not applying to work in advising next fall, and I won't be joining any committees other than those assigned by my boss.  the advising work pays pretty well, but ya know what, it's not jsut about making all the money you can. whew!  
I have already decided to take some extra classes next summer though. they have this thing called intercession classes during winter break and May and I think August. so I plan to take one on next May, maybe August next summer in hopes to save the extra cash for a trip. I invited a friend of mine to Europe and I hope we can go in a few years.  He is an artist I roomed with in college, has a great family wife/kids. he quit his job years ago to paint full time and has really been building up a good following, was published in Plein Air magazine and then Southwest Art. I've always been supportive and I thought, man if I could get him to a place like Paris or Barcelona and just let him get out and find places and scenes to paint! anyway, he may be up for it, I offered to pay for the trip. so I'm going to see if I can make it work, and yes we are TOTALLY  just great friends. btw.
You may know by now I'm quite an anglophile and I started binge watching "Merlin" on Netflix a few weekends ago. 6 seasons to go woo hoo! although it's very contrived and written episode to episode, I like it. ha except I took a break and bingewatched something else last weekend, the entire first season of "American in Sweden."  I didn't even realize it was on NBC but apparently it's a huge hit in Sweden, ha.  It's created by Amy Poehler's brother who actually moved to Sweden 2 years ago to live with his wife and started a family, and came up with the idea of a show about all the culture clashes he experienced.  Well it's a good enough show, i was on board up until the last episode of season one which was way too slapstick.  And indeed it's a little frustrating with the sort of character that keeps doing everything naively wrong, i get tired of those characters like on "the Office". but still very funny and in Sweden. It's alwasy been a dream of mine to live in a nordic country and experience everything different. I enjoyed it except the only free episodes were on NBC streaming with about 5 commercials at 4 different break points. UGH!!!! ha.
So while I was sitting here munching down on cashews and typing, I noticed a dog jump up on the AC unit outside the window by me. the neighbor's dog... oh brother.... so I just came in from shooing it out of my back yard, and then over to the other side of my neighbor's house to open the gate to let it back in, but it's a shy dog and won't come near me, so I had to sort of call it and then walk across the street farther away.. and then the dog sort of sat on the porch, then went back to my yard (trying to get back in under the fence where it got out), and then back to the front yard as I called it.  well finally it walked past the front door and noticed the open gate and ran back into the backyard...blah.
I'm about to mow the lawn and then vacuum while I get cookies in the oven. then finish packing for the trip. I'm bringing a small ice cooler in the cab of my truck to put some food in and a few bottles of wine to share with our friends in Denver.  I also want to clean up the truck and make extra sure everything's ready for the road trip. I'm hoping to have time to take the truck in for an oil change tomorrow morning. let the summer vacations begin!! cheers for reading if you've gotten this far.......:)

back to work..........