Saturday, May 16, 2015

no time for gym.................:(

guys wknd.........


I hate it when I wake up early at 4 am and can't get back to sleep.  When I swim laps and/or work out during the day, I seem to sleep sounder.  But my theory lately to waking up too early is that I am not running the AC for the last few months and maybe I"m sleeping with too many blankets.So I wake up too hot sometimes. I dunno but it's annoying. So I'm going to tell you about my trip coming up Tuesday.  my ex gf from college and I are driving to Denver. Any sights to see that you'd recommend?  we'll be staying with college buddies in Morrison, the same ones I went to see a year ago when I flew up for the Boy and Bear concert. My friend will drive down here Tuesday, we'll drive together to stay a night with my sisters in the OK panhandle, and then Wed morning get up and early and drive up to Denver sometime after lunch....I'm looking forward to getting away now that school is out.
classes are OVER, although I am teaching one class this summer starting in June.  I've finished grading and getting everything turned in, other than one paper I'm waiting for a student to get to me. and then also my online class which had a deadline for last assignment last night.  Monday I'll go in and finish up and then work a little on this committee that I'm getting paid to work on, blah.
SUMMER!  The road trip means I can take whatever I want with me, so I'll bring some food and pack whatever clothes I want. also bring some plants in the pickup with me to share with my sister and friend in CO.
After school yesterday I'd planned to go swim laps and maybe work out (back day) but upon arriving at the gym, I hadn't packed my swimsuit and since I had a garden club meeting at 6 and told Betty I'd pick her up at 530 and plus I had to make some cookies for the meeting (pot luck and that's what I always bring to pot luck) and it was already after 3, I went back to my truck and just drove home.  what a joy to get home before rush hour traffic for a change. As soon as I got home I started putting every single thing in the cab of my truck into an IKEA bag that I came across while digging around in the extended cab part.  emptied of everything, I went inside the house and got my new vacuum cleaner (mine broke down a few weeks ago and I replaced it Wednesday at Target). I vacuumed out my truck, so nice and clean and ready for the trip! oh crap that reminds me I left small rug out in the rain last night on the back porch. well anyway...
This morning I'm going back to the garden center for a BORED meeting (get it?) and then playing in the yard hopefully most of this afternoon unless it rains, in which case I'll clean the house inside, and vacuum. ha. tonight I got a ticket to go to a home tour near downtown okc. They are friends of my bud S who sponsor it ever year, it includes a meal and always interesting to see what other gay guys from okc show up.
I'm posting some photos of some things I bought online last week and had shipped to CO. they are gifts from Best Made Co. for the family we're staying with. I just sort of chose random things while getting the idea for what gifts I could bring for the kids.  they could all be hit or miss as far as I know. The little notebooks are for the 8th grade daughter 'cause she likes to read and write. The 5th grade son gets the star map 'cause he's a brainiac type and I thought he'd find it interesting. the 1st grade son is very rough and tumble sort, I got him the tool box or the little red box, I though maybe a boy would get a kick out of having a solid metal tool box to put things in? I might throw in some hot wheels actually.  the gloves are for my former roomie, the dad, and then tea towel is for the wife, just for nice. I;m also bringing them a few bottles of wine (from the 14 bottles in my fridge I got from the move a month ago). 

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