Saturday, April 25, 2015


sprng wknd........

a week ago was the last weekend to drop classes without getting an F.  So for those students who hadn't been to class in a while and never turned in the 3rd major essay, I wrote an emal stating the benefits of having a W for withdrawn on a transcript compared to an F for failing.  I included a reminder from the syllabus about missing more than 5 classes could take a letter grade off etc etc.  So many students dropped woo hoo. This benefits the student by not having to be in academic probation and also it helps my numbers for reports with less failing grades.
However one student who actually comes to class pretty regularly and keeps up with everything very well, he'd missed a week or more and hadn't yet turned in essay 3, but I figured he'd turn it in late and finish the course.  He came by my office last Monday saying he got the email late and was it too late to drop. I told him yes.  He stayed for about 45 minutes talking to me about the whole situation.  His dad dies 2 years ago. I knew that from the personal experience essay he'd written about how for many many years he was responsible for taking care of and nursing his dad at home.  I don't know for how many years, but it seems like the point was how he didn't go to college after high school because he had to be at home caring for his dad.  He wrote about how his dad passed away and how it was hard for him to get back out around people again. He was so used to being at home taking care of his dad, and he wrote about finally getting into college and wanting to pursue some sort of career helping people since he'd been so good at it with his father.  well anyway... that's the most I knew about this guy, now 24 and very kind and quiet, with a soft beard and glasses.
When he came in to talk about dropping the class unless it was too late, well he said he might quit coming and just take the F and maybe repeat it later.  He mentioned how he gets very fatigued and that had been a problem with his attendance.  He said he had some sort of illness that is rare and hereditary and it makes him fatigued all the time.  He also said the doctors weren't sure what the could do about it and that he might not live past 37.
I listened to him and remained direct and upbeat throughout the conversation,optimistically mentioning options and possibilities. and how was he dealing with everything etc. I felt sad because I can't even imagine why I'd bother going to college if I were 24 and had only 13 years to live. He is interested in becoming a speech pathologist, he said he didn't think there were many male speech pathologists and perhaps some boys would appreciate having a male therapist.  He was talking about his older brother also has the condition but it doesn't affect him much, and how he's married with a kid etc... He told me that he remembered being in 7th grade and missing school a lot, he says now he can look back and see that it was the illness but at the time he'd never thought about it and his parents never told him, he just thought he got tired and his parents allowed him to miss school a lot.  He seemed very thankful upon leaving. I suppose I was a good listener and remained calm without getting all dramatic.  I told him that he was welcome to finish the class via email and visits to the office just following up with all the major assignments.etc I didn't see him in class Wednesday though (he had missed Monday morning and then came by after lunch to see me Monday).  If he's not in class this Monday, I'll follow up with an email letting him know he's always welcome to come and talk etc and whatever support I can give I'm there etc..
work is going swimmingly well otherwise. well in the sense that there are only 3 weeks left so it only gets better from here.  I got pretty tied up with work the last 2 or more weeks. grading papers papers papers and keeping up with my online class, and then the committee meetings for the course redesign. so much! WHOOO..  only two more weeks of the meetings though. we are on the end side of finishing the course packet. basically we got a consistent 4 assignments that profs will have to use for the course, and we're including activities that are highly suggested to do in class using COOPERATIVE LEARNING and the FLIPPED CLASSROOM model. blah blah. still here?
Kent and others I appreciate the emails.  I got so busy and didn't feel like I had anything to say anyway.
I am going to Denver in May with the ex gf. she'll drive down from AR and then we'll go up to my sister's place in the panhandle to stay a Tuesday night and then Wed morning drive up to Denver from there until the next Sunday prolly. i can't wait to get away!!  I'm just outside all the time these days here in okc, weather has been so nice and I love working in the yard so much etc.
I am re assessing being single the rest of my life.  I don't think I should settle for that like I've been trying to. I dunno, for some reason I've been watching those crazy Portuguese soaps with Xavier and David, and another one even way more soapy soapy dramatic story line about Paulo and Miguel.  they're all sheer fantasy. I do find it interesting how in the USA all the gay stuff first on tv was like the over the top stereotypical characters of gay, and in the Portuguese soaps its all very straight macho type gay guys or someone they love discovering he's also gay etc .. I dunno. anyway, watching those episodes on youtube had me hankering for a somebody else too. ha
oh! I'm swimming laps again twice a day. I started last Monday morning. and went after work too. If I can keep it up again this week, they say after 2 weeks it becomes like a habit? right? we shall see.I hope everyone's enjoying a great srping weekend. maybe at some point I'll blog all about my disanthus cercidifolius new tree i got in the mail or about all the money I just blew at a few nurseries this morning on 4 clematis plants. but that's a different blog. cheers. 

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TBT.... clean up time!

new york new york...

try to watch it full screen if you can, and the second time around watch the dates above. pretty cool. :)

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