Thursday, March 19, 2015

best made what....

I came upon this site today Best Made Co. in NYC. I must visit next time I'm there. I got caught up shopping every inch of the site today (thinking to myself, why hadn't I heard of this before, ha), not to buy anything, just to admire the design style and selections. There's a camper side of me that would love to get this stuff and go away into the woods somewhere someday.  I get Outside magazine in the mail each month and read through, thinking how I'd like to get all the gear and go climbing or camping all over many places. dreams dreams.......right now I'm leaning toward the notebook and the toolbox just because. ha

under here.......

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

spring break so far....

spring break is going well.  Mike, thanks for the tips on travel to CA. I'll let ya know, I promise, would be tons of fun to get out to west coast. I've decided not to go to NYC this spring in May.  I am working on a plan to pay off my mortgage in the next 2 or 3 years, but it will mean no travel for a while. boo hoo hoo.... however, I may not even do it. in the meantime I'm saving all I can to get a tree removed and the soffet and facia and gutters repaired arond the house. we'll see! ugh
anyway, I did buy a few swim suits from Joe Fresh online this mroning because that is a practical need for summer and swimming laps at gym, after all. ;)
My spring break is going rather well.  jsut relaxing back and chilling at home. the weekend went very well and the weather so mild. I've been out in the yard working tons and also trying to get things organized in the house.  I have 5 classes of papers to grade and am ALMOST done with the first one. ugh the first one only!!!! just 4 more to go, I wish I could keep myself motivated and focused but with it being srping break and all, I'd rather go out and play in the yard or watch videos or tv or mess around the house.  I will keep to it tomorrow though because it will be raining and I can get into my groove.
I swam laps early this morning and hope to the next 3 mornings. I didn't get to the gym Monday for work outs and only swam today so tomorrow MUST KEEP IT UP during spring break!! ha
Monday morning I had my really physical required by the college for health insurance. One jumps through hoops there to save money on insurance (meaning not pay extra). One on campus biometric screening where they take blood etc. and an online survey thing., boring, and then the doctor visit including lung xray, blood work, prostate check, ugh, and EKG reading. I stay pretty active and eat healthy I think I'm doing all right.
tonight I went to parents for dinner because my sister and family were in town for break.  nice big dinner and brithday cake for my sis. her 4 kids that I love. I have a great time catching up and my baby sis and I laughing at old jokes and remarking same comments and old joke and quotes about things through out the night. so nice.  my dad got a kit and built a musket rifle that he showed me. my mom had an old chair re upholstered, kids were outside playing or on some electronic device inside. I watched a bit of last night's The Voice (which I never ever watch at all, ha) with my folks and sis and then came home. :)
If I can get through a lto of papers, I hope to drive down to Dallas on Thursday or Saturday for a day trip to shop some nurseries down there, maybe try and see my bud Randy for lunch or dinner.  This is if I make it at all.  papers must come first because I don't want to be stuck grading furiously next weekend. I weighed more than I have in a while at the doctor's, 178. this is from working out but also from eating sweets since Christmas, so I plan to cut that again and go back to two a day swimming laps.
one other goal this week is print out some bank statement a few months back and mark down expenses that were needed or that were just extra stuff. I want to try to discipline myself to stick to a real budget with a goal of paying off the truck or house or getting major repairs paid for etc! must do it!
enjoy the week, hopefully some of you are on break.  My buddy in Austin is having an awesome time with SXSW going on. Jimmy Kimmel show is coming from there all week so he's loving. I'm glad I didnt' go down cuz he's so busy with all that stuff anyway. cheers all for checking out the blog. 

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Sunday, March 15, 2015