Tuesday, December 15, 2015

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The Pop Up Flea on 18th st was something I've been wanting to hit for years and I wasn't disappointed.  No way could I pay the sort of prices for all the organic American made product that was pretty much the same red and blue mix of plaids anywhere else, However the printed stuff and the vintage stuff were great finds.  The shirt below was my one great find from www.wooden-sleepers.com, a vintage cotton flannel with those blood red colors muted and bold. It JUST fits though as a size M but I will wear it and love it. :) the two little pocket notebooks are from www.wordnotebooks.com , a 3 pak of Tasting notebooks that will make a great gift for a foodie friend of mine, and the little one for me, a standard daily memorandum notebook.(I love the idea, I'll see if I write down a daily thought or not.....ha).  From Owenandfred.com out of Brooklyn, I purchased some wrapping paper with drawn airplane blueprints. The guy there was super nice and friendly and was talking about all the options and the quality of their travel bags (I already have a dopp kit and duffle bag carryon etc....).I'm going to have to get to Brooklyn or Williamsburg one of these days to see what crafty stuff is out there.  the next photo shows the 2 swatch watches I got, the two ornaments, angel for one of my sisters and the panda bear for ME, and the leather work gloves from Best Made store, (I've shopped them before online and wanted to see the store in person. I was pleased and the guy behind the counter made my day asking about my sweater, ha, Norse Projects I said non chalantly. :P ).

The next photo show all the chocolate I bought at Lindt, yes all of that. I sort of plan to have my family over for Christmas sometime next week and thought it'd be cool to have a bowl out of all sorts of assorted Lindt chocolates. :)  the tins are from Dean&Deluca chocolate covered nuts. You must try the Dark Chocolate sea salt cashews. UMMMMM... after that you'll see many many things from my new favorite store and find, Flying Tiger!!!  You know, I love all things Danish, and here I happen upon a store sign saying Copenhagen Flying Tiger!!!!  21st and Broadway I was thrilled, it's a bunch of various stuff priced low like Ikea but so cute and I kept thinking of people I knew or kids to buy gifts for.  the fish decoration on the right though is for me and the office supplies and ornaments.  Also you may notice the .50 cent wooden gift tags with red dressed characters on them. those will be hard to put on a gift and give away, but I will! ....

below shows 2 Chirstmas cards from www.popchartlab.com , a booth at the Union Square Christmas market. It will be hard to give these away so I'll have to choose the most special person who'll love it as much as I do. Look at the array of Christmas trees on one (I'll probably keep that one) and the array of gingerbread houses on the other. On Saturday when I got to run out alone while my friend rested I discovered a little treasure JHU Comic Books and bought a box of Adrienne Tomine New York Postcards which I'll send some and maybe frame the ones I like best, and two other short comics (The Iceland one is a great illustrated travelogue story, and I can't wait to go there sometime myself like the author did).  There is also a blue scarf, one thing I def wanted was a blue scarf, and I found this basic wool scarf at The Tie Bar yesterday.  I got the K-way jackets in Soho on Sunday, army green for my AR friends' boy getting ready to graduate HS, the navy for my best bud in AR (the one I went up and saw for his birthday and went to Crystal Bridges with), and the 3rd one for me! ha
So the last day (yesterday) was maybe my favorite because after our 8am breakfast at Penelope ( the Penny sandwich!!!!! YUMMMMM!!!) we had all this time until leaving at 3 for the airport.  Getting anything out of my friend about what to see or do was torture and I was ready to get out of town, but I wasn't going to waste that extra time in NYC sitting around all morning.  Off to West Village!!! I shopped wherever and she tagged along seeing the locations. But my real motive was to check out The Tie Bar pop up on Bleeker.  first we shared a little cheese cake at an outdoor table from Magnolia Bakery, and then I got all the ties shown below.  I felt guilt free shopping for me since work clothes is a needed investment not extra, right? ha I can't wait to wear the camo bowtie in a couple months when my beard has grown back. Next we went to the High Line which I am always impressed no matter the time of year the landscaping. the Spence tie below I got at the Chelsea Market. I'd seen it online and wanted to check in person and then, yup, bought it.  we also walked by a store some where near all this called Niquea'D which was so cool and I bought 2 ornaments like the one in the photo and also the blue and silver garland you can see in the photo.  So much fun, we were home by 1pm and packed and headed out to the subway line by 2pm etc..... I can't believe I got all these things back with me in my 2 bags.  I also bought a few American Girl outfits but am not bothering to post that. ha  I'm telling you though, if you're in NYC, go check out that Flying Tiger store on 21st and Broadway avenue if you like creative unique stuff.

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So many things for me to check out that you posted.

Love the ties, especially the brown/orange ones. Love.