Monday, December 14, 2015

oh fog...........

Last night was awesome and today was really great. walked around west village and the high line and chelsea a bit.  SHOPPED! (a little). that's the great news, the other news is I'm stuck at Newark.. we had a flight leaving at 6:30pm that was cancelled due to all delayed flights today because of the fog. SO, now we sit and wait for our flight to CHICAGO, and then TOMORROW morning a flight to OKC ................the vacation that never ended.. we are holding up well and getting along fine and I mean really what can ya do? it's the weather and beyond our control. phooey! though. Anyone else stuck at Newark?  more when I get home hopefully TOMORROW...sigh.......... :)

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Mike said...

I would take the delay in stride. Maybe the delays will start stacking up and the airline will start bumping people where you will be offered $$$ to give up your seat... lol. Wishful thinking... that's what I would wait for.

Enjoy Newark.