Saturday, December 12, 2015

how to do everything you wanted to in 3 hours in nyc...........

well it's not everything, but I hit everything I had planned. my friend Am stayed in tonight and relaxed while I hit the town, first a subway down to 14th St and came up on 16th in Chelsea and back over to the Pop Up Flea to by this vintage cotton plaid shirt I really wanted yesterday and it was still there, so ya know that was meant to be. ha , then to another table with Brooklyn business where I purchases some awesome airplane printed wrapping paper. they had solid quality travel bags too btw.  Anyway i shopped around all the other highly stylized random new up and comer labels...although most are the same drab grey and navy solid crew neck this or that or neutral plaid shirt etc, all organic and nationally sourced materials etc etc blah blah. ....:)
next the metro up to Bryant Park and the Penguin store there, it was closed alas! walked over to Times square and stopped in at the Swatch store as planned, got some watches and had the best time talking to the kid talking me about his watches and my watches and what would I want to buy. ha, next a few more stores, and while passing the Levi's store found a nice plaid shirt on sale, will post photos later...did some people watching, lots of santa crawl costumes all over, the guys in onezies, which I guess are a Christmas pajama sort of costume are something ha.  of course coming back to the apr and seeing the single guys not with his group was funny because you know they feel funny just walking around in a Santa suit, well I took the subway back down to 29th and walked back, stopping for some gelatto yum!  am going to shower up and hit the sack, my friend is already sleeping. another big day tomorrow and hope to rest up. But I tell ya all this excellent weather has really ruined all my planned hat and jacket with outfits to wear. j/k cheers :)

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