Saturday, December 12, 2015

big apple.............

Hello from NYC!  I've been having a wonderful time, it's not as fun as being on my own but perhaps that's okay because we are having more relaxing times, down time in the apartment.  We are staying across the street from the Empire State Building. I've decided it's tall and all with fun red lights on at night, but the Chrysler Building, now that is really something beautifully designed.
anyway, I was up at 5 til 4am sharp on Friday morning, at my friend Am's place by 4:10 and then at the airport by 4:30, checked in her bag and waited by the gate.  I was pretty excited to bring my new luggage that zips up in the middle, and pleased to find it's still carryone size!!! perfect!! my other carryon bag, both of which came from the MonocleX Porter at Monocle magazine, well anyway, my Boston Bag that I usually carryon with me everywhere I go, I tucked that inside my new bag, and plan to fill it up with stuff to carryon the way home, and then I brought this plastic woven zip up market bag to place over my new luggage and check that in on the way home. Southwest checks one luggage in free.
We arrived into Newark by 11:30 and got to our apartment by 12:30, I'd hoped to get an express bus, where you pay $30 or so for a round trip ticket into manhattan and back, BUT she preferred to just get straight to our place with our stuff. SO it was $62 for sharing a taxi cab from Newark plus $20 for the tolls? and of course we tip the $8 change when paying our $90!!! gee whiz, I won't be doing that again, but for the sake of getting here quick and getting our day started, it's what we decided to do....vacation after all I suppose.
We love the place,  one bedroom apartment on the 12th floor large fron room with comfy couches, a big screen tv, open kitchen, and then a bedroom and bathroom.  I'm on the couch and she has the bedroom ha.  there;s really nothing here but furniture and some general bathroom and kitchen items, so we figure no one really lives here, it seems more like a corporate place for people to stop in and stay and then make money on airbnb in the meantime. ?? hmmm.
we started right out walking down 5th avenue and then broadway, madison square and then union square.  on the way i came across this really fun place called Flying TIger, it is a Danish company sort of like Ikea or I don't know what but full of fun low priced stuff, what my friend called junk, but what I thought were fun things for all sort of gifts for kids of friends of mine and family etc... I was excited to find it since I love anything Danish!!! ah yeah
at Union square I found some great ornaments and I might go back for a NYC tshirt I like. she boght some 5th and Madison brand scented oil and sticks... she loves candles since she lives with lots of cats so this was another scent option I guess.  we went over toward the POP UP FLEA on 18th street this weekend but they weren't open until 3pm so......we went to Marshalls and TJ Maxx because she wanted to shop there.  You may begin to see the mismatch of our entire philosophy and approach to shopping. how can I shop over my budget and spending as a public school teacher and she spend like a miser making 3 or more times as me as a vet?!? ha ha, she is super thrifty I tell you what!
so we went to the pop up flea next which I was pretty thrilled to see everything but I was feeling a bit discouraged dragging my friend around.  guys, it's okay I was prepared before this trip that it was about us site seeing and not my usual shop around and see everything at stores... I spoke with a lot of the sellers there who were all so excited and proud of talking up the products. I had a blast at the few booths I chose to check out. I found one brand Word something that sold little notebooks and I got the perfect gift for my foodie friend, this sort of notebook where you can write down notes about places you go to eat. I also got this daily entry book thing for me.
we walked around a bit more and then came back and dumped our things offand then left for dinner.
Subway down to Little Italy, walked around and found a place for dinner. yummy Italian food.had some wine and then we came back up to see Macy's windows and then back to our place and turning in by 9, I caught up on computer stuff emails and social networking.
this morning we were up and out by 8:30, up to Rockefeller Center and wlakog all around. I recommend Toasties for a good breakfast, yum eggs and bacon and toast. I just love the Apple Juice bottles they sell here, pure juice and kosher, I forget the name but I think you can see it in the photo. walked around some more, over to American Girl for gifts for my mom, Lindt chocolate where I spent less the $100 on chocolates, ha.. then down to Grand Central station and the Bryant park, and then Time Square, then back here, pizza by the slice and she got some beer at the drugstore... I ran an errand to 2nd avenue where our host said there was a grocery store, it was closed!! wah wah. but it was a nice walk and of course all the santa pub crawl guys are walking around today.
tonight she's decided to stay in and off her feet, and I'm about to run out and git the pop up flea one more time ALONE, and then up to time square to buy a Swatch watch. and whatever I may find. yay! cheers all enjoy the season and the weekend. :)

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Martinelli's! Those are the best!

Enjoy NYC!