Tuesday, December 15, 2015

back in okc!>......

after waiting several hours in Newark, we left to Chicago last night around 8:30... arrived after 10pm and sat around the airport a while wondering what should we do.......my friend was pretty fatigued and pretty much just hating the delay and prepared to sleep/stay up all night there in baggage claim. UGHHH.. I could tell all she would do is continue to hate everything and complain about everything and continue to stay "shut down" so to speak, so I put myself in action... I was trying to use her galaxy phone to google hotels but couldn't figure it out how to dial or at least I was getting put on hold, I dunno, and my phone was no help, I put a cell phone number in the iphone I've been carrying but it didn't seem to worth much help either .  I walked around and around the baggage claim at Chicago Midway and finally went over to this shelf with........phone books!! ha turned open one with yellow pages and even though it was a 2013, I found a 1/16 page ad for Carlton Midway and a phone number, tried calling it and my phone wasn't doing anything right, so walked back over to friend and used her phone, yes they had rooms, yes a room with 2 beds, be there in ten minutes. whoosh. so ten minutes later we are outside getting picked up around 11:08 and she couldn't have been happier to have a plan and get to sleep in a bed. ha btw, it was a hotel with doors to the outside and about ten minutes from the airport but so worth it. beds were super comfy and the room clean, the staff was all completely nice and helpful, very very much so. she was up at 5 and I got up at 5:30, continental breakfast and then back to airport, flying out at 8:55am and then arrived here 11:30... oh man LONG last couple of days and just now I am feeling it like a zombie. trying to stay up til bedtime though.
I cleaned up the house and put away laundry and other stuff before I allowed myself to unpack the goods. ha
I'll have to blog later about all my feelings about friend on the trip. I am somewhere between cutting it back to every 2 months seeing her from now on and pretty much deciding to cut girls out for any close friendships for a while. must not!!! except my lesbian friend I move furniture, she is the best, serious she's like the best guy friend I always wanted but she's not a guy. ha sounds lame I know.  I'm definitely never ever travelling with the vet friend ever again though. now for soem relax time zzzzzz

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