Tuesday, November 03, 2015

fall tuesday...

Tuesday. I survived the weekend and I'm loving FALL! fall is just great, I love the cool mornings huddled underneath my covers and hitting snooze a few times.  the layers going to work in the morning. this week I've been doing the navy puffy vest I got last winter and putting it over my shirt and tie with my Kway jacket over it in the mornings as a sort of windbreaker. perfect!
last weekend was WHEW! Friday I got none of my usual planning and work done in my office because we were all expected to be at the college event by 1:15. Usually I turn in all my copies to be printed for the next week, thus I'm breaking the 10 copies only rule from the printer in my office this week, oops....I wasn't able to leave campus until 3:50ish which gave me time to get to the gym by 4 and in the pool for laps, then I worked arms.  I love working arms because of leaving the gym you can just flex and try and get your hand around the biceps and it's fun....but doesn't last alas. ha
I picked up my buddy S's dog after that to take to his place, came back over to my house for dinner and house work and pack for the night to return to S place.  The dog, a black labrador named Norma, was worn out and slept well all night. Saturday morning I got up, took care of dog, went home and picked up the house most of the day since my vet friend A was coming over to pass out candy later.  She came over around 4 and we drove over to S's to feed the dog and play with the dog etc, came back home and got pizza and then sat out on the porch from 6 to 8:30 maybe passing out candy to all the kids coming by.  My neighborhood blocks off a couple blocks for everyone to walk up and down, and a lot of families sit outside and grill etc. good times. Next year I'm going to try and bake something to walk around and pass out and meet the neighnors.
I'm glad for the hour change! I don't love it because I can't come home and play in the yard anymore, no sunlight.  but I DO love this time of year because I go to bed an hour earlier and then wake up earlier in the morning and get more done and get to work earlier. winning!  Sunday was church and then chilled all day until about 4pm. I met some friends at Tucker's, an awesome hamburger place, on 23rd near Walker. ate and then went to a showing of the National THeatre Live from London (Rebroadcast!) of Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch playing the lead. I'm no huge BC fan but always and anglophile and love to see versions of Hamlet. So I enjoyed it completely.  perfect ghost story for Halloween weekend. we got there after 5pm, the thing started around 6 and we got out by 930. I was beat getting home from that since my body was feeling it was like 11pm, not 10. ha
This week is going smooth enough. 2 classes of papers were turned in yesterday, but I have to get to bunch of papers from an online class before I get to those.  I'll be doing papers all weekend. and I hope to get some time to back cupcakes.  I got a box of mini Trix at the store and I want to do something with a cupcake where I dip the frosting in the mini Trix cereal.  I might try to make a tree shape or something I dunno. have a good week, all and enjoy FALL!

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