Sunday, November 01, 2015

close to clothes.....

things I want to try on when I get to NYC! :) the above sweater at Benetton online. I really like the geometry graphics going on and I love wearing blue and grey these days, my blue eyes and what's happening to my beard.  The Norse Projects shirt above is pretty much the denim color and floral print trend I've noticed this fall, Benetton has one too. But let's talk about that Norse Projects parka above, woo hoo! Again I love wearing light blue because of my eyes, but I can't say there are TOO many occasions in OKC that I'd need to wear such a heavy coat. Doesn't it look extremely cozy though with the down pillowy lining inside. Too rich for my blood at $792, gulp... I'll count on no one buying this please, and with a whole lot of luck perhaps I can find a size large come February marked way down and just maybe splurge and get it. not holding my breath though, for now I'll just imagine wearing the nice blue outfit all 3 above would make together. :P

I plan to go shop these ties at Kamakura Shirts in NYC.  These are those fall colors I've been talking about trying to get into my wardrobe. the first shirt on some sort of diminished orange shirt, the second tie with a pale blue shirt, and the last one with a green or blue shirt, maybe brown?.... I think I mentioned once about getting inspired from the Harry Potter wedding scene where they are wearing oranges and greens and purples and brown? well anyway, I'm hoping to find some interesting colors in ties and shirts while in NYC.  Although these ties at $80 are at the top of my budget. Let me know if you suggest some interesting place in NYC to shop for shirts and ties. The shirt below was online at Desigual. I thought it might be a nice dress shirt for easter next spring.

the shoes below are the converse I was talking about on ebay when i searched Converse and Missoni. I am leaning toward the one in the middle, how great would it be next summer with a pale butter yellow t-shirt and khaki or putty shorts! :)

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