Saturday, October 17, 2015

more break...

I loved the guy that cut my hair, named Hector at Schardain's in okc. He gave me exactly the fade, the high-and-tight that I wanted. I got a kick when he asked me how long I'd lived in okc. I told him I grew up here. and the I asked him where he was from (If you only knew what an accomplishment it is for me to respond with a question instead of going off with an oh, you're asking me about me, let's go!...). He said he was from Mexico and moved here when he was five. I told him, well I moved here from TX when I was 6 so you're from OKC as much as I am! ha ha, but I know it's a whole different story considering heritage and culture coming from another country, of course. still crack me up though. He was very kind and friendly, an artist who's continuing an art education, gave me a solid haircut, nice shampoo and massaged my scalp all over. played it right and I'll definitely be back. It's been a great fall break! Friday I was out in the yard the entire day digging up grass and putting in a boarder and bricks around a bed out front, tilling it amendments into the soil (fine pine bark mulch, peat humus, alfalfa pellets, mushroom compost). took a break for pizza lunch in town, then back at it on the side yard where I'd dug up grass this summer and put off finishing the job. tilling away...
at around 5 I had to stop and get cleaned up for a garden club meeting last night, picking up a friend at 530 and getting there by 6. The club is on hard times as no one can be found to "elect" as our next 2 year term president. So there was a lot of talk about someone stepping up and how we may not have the club anymore (hogwash since we're hosting regionals convention in 2017). I've been editor this last 2 years and something else or another the past 8 years, so I've declined all nominations. no thanks, I'm too busy with job and other, plus I'm okay if we disband for a while since they aren't really bringing in any good speakers lately. last nights program was interesting. the club president showed a slideshow of when we worked at Disney World in FL and had an internship in the greenhouses in the 90's.... ;)
I just sprayed a cricket with roach killer and watched him crawl under the sofa. sigh.... I'll wait for him to die and then go brush him up later I guess. anyway today my buddy S and his bf are having a garage sale! I was going to bring some stuff over but ran out of time, I have already taken some stuff over there during the last year. I told them, sell it keep the funds!! please!! ha. I do want to go by and say hi though today and see how things are going. The bf has moved all his things down from AR and plans to move in during Christmas break. he's living with a friend up in AR while selling his house, and finishing off the year with all his clients I suppose. They will have the challenge now of blending furniture and getting rid of what is not needed. My buddy S is a no nonsense kind of guy and won't keep anything around just for the sake of keeping it around. even though I keep telling him his place is so big!!! ha what I wouldnt' give for all the rooms and shelves and cabinets he has. I'm better off without them, they'd all be filled with more "junk" at my place, I'm sure.
no other plans today jsut take it easy and enjoy my day. I'm hoping to start in on a book I got in the mail Norwegian Wood: Chopping, Stacking, and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way by Lars Mytting.  I'm also still reading Abundant Simplicity by Jan Johnson.  And next on my list to purchase from Amazon is the English translation of The Letter for the King by Tonke Dragt.  I'm still waiting on Ex-formation by Kenya Hara. (and let me throw in for any of you sorts into design, must read Kenya Hara's Designing Design!  such a different perspective and well written and illustrated. check it out!).
oh, yesterday, on a whim, I took out my old Toshiba laptop from under my dresser. I stashed it there 3 years ago when it failed to work anymore and replaced it with this one. the thing stopped turning on. it was something weird with the fan and overheating I think and I tried cleaning it and spraying out the dust, and it go to the point where I would put it in the freezer and take it out in order to get it to boot up etc etc.. ughh.. at one point it wouldnt come on at all hot or cold or anything. nothing. the very last time I got it working, one of the times I took it from the freezer, I saved all my music files and photos and all I could think of to bother with. WELL, I found this cord at work last week that looked like maybe it would connect the hard drive to my computer so that I could check my files. So I took out the hard drive, and, alas, it did not have the same connection, I put the computer back together and thought, why not try to plug it in and see. and to my surprise it came on! ha it was funny to see my old screen saver.  what I'd always regretted not getting off the computer was my music lists from itunes. so I copied a few lists and songs onto a thumbdrive. also some files of photos and such from trips and past work stuff. (the thing is I make a Christmas CD every year and I needed to know what I'd already put on past mixes. ha).
as soon as the computer seemed to start blowing out hot air, I thought it safe to turn it off and set aside until next time I feel I need to access it.
have a good weekend all. cool weather here and I am already losing on my time outside! I want to be outside the entire day on one such as this. cheers.

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