Thursday, October 29, 2015

full fall week...

I completely forgot to blog anything today. I've been going at it this week busy. tonight I was all excited to watch the project runway first part of finale this season. the final four going to fashion week (although I think Edmund shouldn't have really been saved by Tim, I kind of think it was more about keeping a gay guy audience since the other three are girls, but maybe nah. maybe the judges are seeing something I'm not).  I am all behind Kelly, and even Ashley looks like she has some idea and design, and then the other girl had this cool wooden skirt thing. really exciting stuff.  what absolutely is the WORST thing about watching prject runway on lifetime is.... the depressingly sad what-is-this-world-coming-to show about Michael Jackson's nephew that they keep advertising over and over. I really can't believe anyone is even watching it, who is??? please stop if you are watching that. why are these things even on television? okay okay calm down, dan. (I also would never watch the Racehl Zoe store, so self serving and obnoxious, but there are those people who eat it up.) I love watching the whole design process of them getting ideas and then putting them together etc..the critique back and forth etc..
man work! just nonstop this week, there is a special meeting function thing going on tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 pm. which I hope hope hope is over by 3:30, 4 tops! so I can get to gym for an arm day and then get back through OKC to get to the dog daycare to pick up S's dog, I'm house/dog sitting again this weekend while he and bf are in Las Vegas. I plan to get my place cleaned up as much as I can tomorrow night, and then Saturday I need to finish the front walkway that is completely dug up, (I took out the pavers and am installing a brick walkway blah blah) I have to get it done before Saturday night of course because of the trick or treaters.  My neighborhood group blocks off my street for the kids and we all hand out candy etc.  my vet friend A is coming over to pass candy out with me and we'll get some pizza. 
 anyway so busy weekend, really only because I usually do a lot of grading and school work on Friday afternoons but I have that meeting insteaad tomorrow blah.  I am excited to get to Sunday though.  I am meeting some friends from AR for a showing of Hamlet here in OKC.  it's with British actor Cumberbatch, an on stage version that was filmed in London.  I love to watch different versions of Shakespeare. One of my favorite halloween memories is when I lived in Central America and it was Halloween one weekend night and we all drove down the hill into the city to go to the new fancy mall in the city . Kenneth Branaugh's Hamlet was showing, a movie that probably never came to OKC, and here I was in another country getting to see it on screen. what a perfect ghost story and I remember loving the film and driving back up the hill with all the fog on the dark windy roads going back to our teacher apartments. I look forward to seeing this version.
I was on ebay today doing a search of converse missoni, and really like all the shoes that came up, but I said no and stop, one thing is I'm saving funds to shop around in NYC in December and also I just wrote a $600 check for roof repair I had done last weekend.
It's that time of year, working on Essay 3 of the semester at school, when I'm really enjoying getting to know all my students in my classes and just kicking it in to give them the support they deserve etc. I'm REALLY really excited about getting an extra hour sleep this week, but I sure will miss the daylight to work in the yard after work/gym time. ha 

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