Thursday, October 15, 2015

fall break

Hello from fall break OKC! :) it was over 90 degrees today (that's all we talk about in okc, is the weather) and so I didn't feel like doing a whole heck of lot on my first day off of fall break. I slept in, and then after late breakfast I was going to get out and do yard work but it was getting so hot, I just stayed in. I put all my shoes away. it's a game I play every week or two, get all the pairs of shoes on the floor in my room or under the table here and put them back in their boxes and in the closet, or on this wall peg thing for those without boxes. I also did laundry today. And it wasn't a complete waste because I took my truck for an oil change, then got a call that they recommended a new fuel filter (it still had the factory one and was at 48,000) so alas, more $$$ but I love my 2011 shiny silver Ford Ranger so much, it has this kick in gear engine that just speeds right up when I'm on the highway wanting to pass. I want to keep it as dependable as it has been every day for me. anyway, I also found a movie to watch on Netflix, MOONRISE KINGDON!!! I stoppe dit short o the ending so I can enjoy the ending later, i had to walk over to the garage to get my truck and then it was time to go to the local gym and get in a workout.
 I scheduled a haircut at the salon in okc tonight at 6pm. I'm curious to see how it will go. I'm the type of guy who gets a haircut maybe every 2 or 3 months. ha! maybe more in the summer, but it was a few months ago I got it cut and the back of my neck needs cut so bad! ha if I get it short enough though, i can go for a while. and I'm guilty of cutting it myself around. above the ears just to make it last longer. I'll admit. anyway I sent a photo to the salon this morning asking who did the best fade and they recommended 2 guys and one gal there. Great luck! the guy in the middle price range was free tonight, had a 6pm cancellation. woo hoo. I was hoping to get it cleaned up during break, you see. (I'll include the photo I sent the salon, it may be too trendy but it gives some information for a direction to go with perhaps... I dunno....)
this week was crazy, I had 4 classes of papers to grade all weekend, and somehow left my self control at the door and watched movies instead all weekend, Lord of the Rings actually all 3 movies one after the other throughout the weekend. ha it's just way too easy to find movies on Google movies and spit out $3 and watch a film. I was going to search for a movie today and remember, oh yeah let's check my netflix.
 I was supposed to have a guy come by today to look at roof repair but never heard from him, going to have to call him back. probably he called while I was out in the yard and he didn't leave a message, I'm guessing... I have ananswering phone and land line, no cell number.
 I have NYC plans coming together. airbnb set up at a skyrise in midtown right near Macy's 34th and broadway. I'll to post a photo of the building and see if anyone knows where it is. my Vet friend and I are flying Southwest and got great tickets only $244 arriving by noon Friday Dec 11th and flying out after 5pm the 14th Mon. woo hoo. (and we can check a free bag even!!!). That is if the shopping goes well enough. ha next I am buying tickets for us to see Wicked. she's never seen it and I thought it was a safe choice and it was one of her top pics. I'm also getting us tickets to the Memorial museum 9/11, and maybe Sunday morning do the ferry out to Stature of Liberty (does anyone NOT recommend the statue of liberty?). otherwsie I plan to drag her around and Christmas shop! the energy alone in NYC in December is so great.
 well that's a way off. I'm going to find something to wear that's casual enough and not trying to hard yet cleaned up and hip looking enough to meet the new haircut guy here in a few. cheers. hope all are having a great fall week. going to be 70's here tomorrow WOO HOO!

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