Sunday, August 09, 2015

tulsa wknd.........

had a nice drive to Tulsa and back Saturday. I like long drives when you can just think and focus on things.  I went to see a speaker at the Garden center . first went to Utica for old time's sake (I used to shop there while in college in AR). got the short sleeve shirt at Banana Republic for a sort of back to school work shirt.  I got the cookies and chocolate at Whole Foods.  The Restoration Hardware chaise below was SO SO SO comfortable to sit in, but come on $2379? who wants to gift me this chair?!?!?! ha ha nope keep dreaming. Can anyone name the street the photo below is from?

thought it would be fun to include the gas prices from when I got back to OKC last night. how do yours compare ? :)

I go back to work tomorrow, so tonight is my end of summer... sniff sniff, it was a pretty laid back one, next year I hope to save/make more money and Lord willing,  TRAVEL PLEASE!!!!!!! :P


Dwight Williamson said...

If you got paid by all those grindr commenters for gratuitous sex ( as if) you could afford the chaise! LOL Dwight

Anonymous said...

Bridge is on West 23rd St.
I really enjoy visiting Restoration Hardware, but their prices are outrageous. Nice catalogues, too.
Glad you had a good time in my adopted home.

Mike said...

Yay Banana Republic! That's like 90% of my closet.

I want the whole Airline Series from Restoration Hardware - the desk, lounger, etc.

Mike said...

Oh, and gas is $3.49 or 87. My car, albeit electric/gas, takes 91 octane when I do fill it up. I have only used 15 or so miles on gas since last Monday.

650 of the 1000 miles on my car have been on electric. It takes about $1.50 a day.

Big savings!!!