Saturday, July 25, 2015

summer getaway.....

good morning from Arkansas.  I just woke up and am lying on a twin mattress in an upstairs room of my friends' place here in the office/studio workroom.  it's comfy enough. I hope to get up and go for a short run here soon and then come back for breakfast, they all sleep in here past 8 or 9 anyway....
I finished up summer class last week. WHOOSH! turned in my grades and left town for Tulsa after class Thursday. There was a "Wes Anderson experience" going on at the Philbrook art museum that turned out to be something I don't think Wes Anderson would ever want to quite experience.... it was a SAUNA ha ha. out on the lawn in late July, I'm not sure what they could have been thinking. but overall it was a cool time, a pretty cool crowd, 1300 people, about the whitest crowd I've been in in a while, ha and lots of costumes from his movies.  but man we sweat and sweat and sat there and melted.  I had fun overall though. I met some friends there and we ate at Hideaway pizza on Cherry street before, then went to the event for a few hours, and I left around 9 to drive in to AR.
had a great time yesterday driving around town, got a haircut, saw some friends at their work places, swam in the pool here where I'm staying, and wathced the first half of "Kingsman" movie last night before coming up to bed.
I brought my iphone 4 with me, that a friend gave me a few weeks ago.  I wanted to check out the grinder ap last week and downloaded it just to see what the deal was. it seems a bit more tame than other chat sites, but overall same ole same ole. initially I'm thinking there are the laid back people just up for a chat which is cool, and then there are the hook up now people that just want to hook up now.  I came really close to meeting up this one guy (he was 6'3) last week who was getting done at the gym and wanted to come by, but I resisted...I'd rather chat and get to know someone before a repeat of my past days of just sharing with strangers.   anyway, my point here, being here in my former college town, I've noticed several more discreet no photos or info profiles, because a small town you have to be more discreet I guess.  I'm always also surprised here or in okc at the very young profiles who hit me up for chat. ha
enjoy the summer weekend! sunny weekend and all that. cheers

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Anonymous said...

Think Grindr is like everything else.. everyone can use it for their own purposes.
There are many guys just looking to chat, meet new people. Others are looking for a quick fuck or suck.
Enjoy the apps for what they are and have fun with them.
Think you might be suprised to meet regular guy like yourself that are looking to meet new friends.