Friday, July 10, 2015

summer continues....

hello from Manhattan, Kansas.  I'm here for a club convention taking garden tours tomorrow morning and the next.  I stayed the night at my brother's SE of Wichita, Yesterday was pretty busy. I got up in time to get to the south side of OKC to move furniture at 630 with my friend A, but it start to rain so we cancelled it and I drove back home to nw OKC...when I got home I remember I wanted to get an oil change before driving to Kansas, and took my truck to the local place at 8 and walked home.  they called to say my wheels were unaligned and it had worn down my front two tires pretty badly, so they were going to put them on the back and put the back tires in front.I went and got it, and got an estimate for 2 new tires and realignment about $528... went home and got ready for work, went to the school and talked to my boss for a while about my schedule this fall. then taught class from 1045 to 115, then I had about a half hour to go over 86 candidates applying for a position that i'm on the hiring committee. went to the meeting at 2 and we got out by 330, I went back to the garage on the way home and asked for the 2 new tires and realignment. went home and an hour later walked back up there.  I mentioned could I have a discount on account of having to pay for the towing the last time they left the pin loose under my truck and I had to take it back up there for them to fix it (happened last fall). they took off half the alignment fee(45 instead or 90) and for whatever reason I only paid $412. not bad!
I got out of town by 6 or 630.. I like taking log drives, really get to think through things in my mind.  I'm getting a little more comfortable in my own skin I like to think. I was reflecting on the death of my uncle a few weeks ago and the trip I took down to Texas with all my siblings the Wed before July 4th. seeing my dad and all his siblngs but instead of the usual 5 they were just 4. so sad. and my uncles widow is taking it the best she can. My uncle had been fighting lymphoma cancer for a few years and it was getting better, then not, and what actually killed him was a seizure while in the hospital and he had a stroke. it was very sudden for all of us. anyway she keeps posting on Facebook about missing him but how she's not angry at God and continues to trust in her Faith in God.  I'm impressed by that. I'm looking forward to only 2 more weeks of summer class.  next Tuesday I'll get essay 3, and then the next Tuesday essay 4, and then the Thursday after that, July 23rd is last day of class!! woo hoo, i already have plans to leave town and get up to AR that night!! (Actually I'm going to a Wes Anderson event at the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa that night then onward to AR.)
well I got into town today about 11:30 and drove to different locations and talked about landscatping and gardening with different people in the area. now I'm in my hotel room waiting for a college buddy who teaches at KSU to get back to me. there is a plant auction at 7pm tonight etc... on with the weekend! hotel room is nice and there is a pool. but what I like is the comfy beds, clean rooms, and remote to the tv! :) ha

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