Monday, July 20, 2015

Another day in July............

happy Monday. I enjoyed a really great birthday weekend. it's that time of year again....another year ahead in life and experience gained! I was over at my buddy S's house most of the day Saturday. I went to Sam's with him Saturday morning and he stocked up on lunch meat and chips and stuff to feed people. came home and "took care of some stuff around the house" and got over to his place by about 12:40. we ate sandwiches. S's bf from AR arrived at noon with his son. they're staying all this week. And a few other guys came over, and then another older couple who we see once and a while in town. also a reader from the blog popped on over and swam with us for a while. very nice guy from TX, a bit younger than me but super confident and talkative. we discussed life here/there etc..
he hung out with us for about an hour... I stayed over there until at least after 6:30. i was either in the pool or sitting under the porch reading or talking to someone all day in and out of the pool. and munching on snacks. great time! Sunday I went to church and brought some scones to Sunday school class. I made them with peanut butter chip and maple frosting, and I put a half slice of bacon on top of each. but I think that kind of confused people. there were a few left after class. ha ha. but I thought they ROCKED> yummm
Sunday I relaxed at home getting laundry done a little bit and in and out of the house working in the yard.  I downloaded a grndr ap on my iphone 4 just to see what the heck it's all about.  so far it seems about the same as any other chat service, but perhaps it's a little more laid back and less agrressive.  I like being able to just chat normal with some and others I can delete if they are like "looking?" ha ha.
I don't think I'll keep the ap on there though because there is no folder to hide it in etc... I will definitely get it going when I'm travelling though from now on and then get my face pic up on there and everything, would be interesting to see how that would go.. blah blah. same old i'm sure.
well last night after evening service of church, I went over to At Home, a store that bought out what used to be Garden Ridge Pottery here in okc. I was looking for some planters/pots. and ended up bringing a few home. I got a hosta in the mail today and have another coming.  I also ordered a few more things from Norse Store to take advantage of their markdowns and only $20 for international shipping. not bad! :P
today I met the TX visitor for coffee and had some good conversation. he's very laid back and had some questions about many things as he's still figuring it all out. I told him I'm here to talk to and to listen anytime give me a hollar.  no gym today :(... I slept in this morning.  I went to lunch at my favorite pizza place and have enjoyed my day off (no meetings at the school and no class etc etc).
I have Tues and THurs to finish this week and then summer class is over! yay enjoy your summer :)

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