Sunday, June 07, 2015

wknd update

summer is getting its groove on.  had a great first week of classes last week.  It's going to be a good summer with only one class. most of them are already good writers, and a few have already dropped so all good.  I also have a handful of Korean students which is very cool and I have a handful of students that will be going into their senior year of high school. what motivated students!
I forget if I already blogged about it or emailed someone about it but I'm starting some cardio mornings this summer, starting this week. I plan to swim laps every morning and on M/W/Fri morning go to spin class and on T/Th morning do yoga. all before 7am woot woot! hopefully i can stick to it.  This week will be a tricky schedule because I'm housesitting for my buddy S while he's out of town and taking care of his dog. He's actually made it very easy for me since I can take the dog to daycare each day and pick it up after work.  I'll get to watch his big tv and switch through all his satellite channels. :)
I my next 5 paychecks all included with last Friday's paycheck! So I had to move funds around into savings and plan ahead what to "pay myself" every other Friday until September 11th which is my next paycheck in the new fiscal year pay period.  I'll get paychecks this summer for the title three committee and the summer class I'm teaching. I'm hoping that cutting back on any travel this summer will help me save most of it and maybe I can put more towards my truck loan, cant' wait to get rid of that car loan! ugh
I wasn't very excited about all the Bruce Jenner hoopla.  I must not be a very good gay since I've never watched one second or care to read or hear about anything kardashian.  So I pretty much haven't cared about anything Bruce Jenner becoming a transgender.  Maybe it was just way too publicized that got on my nerves.  I believe he has every right, and I support transgender rights and all, but it's a confusing topic.  a person at my work was pointing out that if a person believes a person is born gay, and how dare anyone try to change themselves either physically or through therapy not be gay and how it seemed opposite to a person being born one gender and then wanting to physically change themselves and receive therapy to become a woman or man.  I guess it's all psychological, which to me seems like how does transgender compare to eating disorders, where a person wished they physically had a different appearance, yet that's called a disorder but transgender is not. I also don't understand if transgender wants to be with a man or woman as a man or woman or what. so anyway those are my 2 cents.  I think in the overall picture I feel it's sort of a first world problem and luxury.  There must be transgender people all over the world who deserve the right not to be discriminated against, absolutely, but is it reality any of them could afford the medical procedures or therapy etc....hmmm
single me this weekend had thoughts of being some sort of unique species of human, seeing as how normal it is that every one is paired up with someone else, straight or gay couples. They are paired up and living that very normal and I think instinctual part of being a human, partnering up and having someone to care for and to care for you, make a team, the companionship needed to get through the rest of life not alone. and then there's me, like someone who has chosen neither man or woman and just lives alone, I guess it's what they used to call a confirmed batchelor, which I always thought of as someone who decidely didn't want to get married and just play the field, but now looking back I wonder if it was just code for "gay."  I don't want to be confirmed anything in life. I want the rest of life to retain some mysteries and unexpected pleasures and goals to attain for.  However I am understanding that it's probably better having someone to share them with.  all in due time.
I'm sure there is a way beyond online dating to meet people, or is there? I'm sort of over and bored with the physcial part of it and see the value of the companionship in general.   Some might say, be brave and get out and meet someone or talk to someone etc.. and I am brave and confident mostly in person. Believe me if I'm suddenly charmed by someone, all my charm is suddenly on full alert.  but meeting people otherwise can be difficult because I'm usually talking too much about me me me or not listening well enough, or too hyper mentally analyzing everything I say or should say or should not say. well nervous me anyway. I make terrible first impressions.  Especially anyone from this blog because I'm already recording everything about me here, and know nothing about a reader.  It's different than just typing your thoughts out on a blog.. plus it's easy when everything is anonymously recorded and marked down on a blog. you get your thoughts out more, you can plan how you word them unlike talking which is just thinking and talking all at the same time! ha 
tonight I am watching the Tony awards. should be a great show as always.  I'm doing laundry now this afternoon, I may go over to my buddy S's later or tomorrow, let me know if you read this.
hope everyone is enjoying the weeeknd


j.lee said...

Glad you had a good weekend and enjoy the Tony's! And I doubt you make a bad first impression... If it is the right guy, you won't be able to do anything wrong in his eyes.

Dwight Williamson said...

I'm so depressed over your lack of dealing with T and her denial of your relationship. Did you actually compare transgender with an eating disorder. Nobody calls themselves a confirmed bachelor anymore, we are gay or it is none of your fucking business. Life can change in the blink of an eye do you really tthink your sisters should have to take care of widowed or sick parents as you, continue to live your " life as Chritopher Robin? I like you mucho Dan but sometimes you just let the world go by and try not to let it touch you. Dwight Williamson

Anonymous said...

Two people taught me about the real life meaning of trans gender.
A mid 30's female gym trainer told us we would soon see a change as she would be growing a beard and her voice would lower Etc.. He had his breasts removed. In talking to him he explained that when he was around 8 years old his parents firmly told him he was a girl not a boy. The per him that was the most traumatic experience in his life as up to this time he thought he was boy and he knew that no matter what he was actually a boy.
Then I was having breakfast in a local cafe and started taking to a lady from Canada. She was in town as her son was at that moment having transgender surgery in a a nearby hospital. I ask why she was in the USA when health care was free in Canada. She said because of the doctor's reputation, she had worked to pay for the operation and "That is what a mother does for her child"

And I do not understand at all what Williamson has written.