Tuesday, June 09, 2015

summer day

I've found that I tend to be the person who gets more done the more I have to do or schedule in thing.  that's the way it is. seems like when I have nothing to do, i just put everything off and get little done. UNLESS I plan to get something done and spend the whole day on it, then I like getting into a groove and hitting the project, like some vast outside job, or the attic, or clean an entire room etc etc. anyway if I have a day off and one little thing gets in my way like some errand here or there in the afternoon or a workout or meeting, I can't concentrate on the project, I think too much about well in an hour I have to get ready for that thing in a couple of hours etc...but with summers. it's awesome because while I'm doing nothing, I find myself getting my mind all around planning and preparing and getting ideas. for example today in class, I had been thinking for a few days how I wanted to this or that activity with the students, have them write, read to them, what group discussions they'd do, and alack, it played out pretty much like I pre rehearsed.  busy day!! today,  i successfully made it to yoga (not as great a workout as on the Air force base in kabul but still a good stretch and firming moves). then swam laps and was home just after 6:30, breakfast, out in the yard taking photos and watering a bit, off to work, planning and taking care of STUFF. teaching, office hours, gym to swim and work out my bird legs, then zoom off north of town to pic up my buddy S's dog at doggy daycare.  He is gone the next 3 days so I'll be taking care of his dog and sleeping over at his place til Friday. I'm at home now getting dinner and taking care of some watering, then I'll get back over to S's to enjoy his dog and satelite channels and nice comfy furniture etc etc. I'm of all day tomorrow so after taking his dog to daycare, I'm going to come back to my place to do yardwork of course and enjoy my day off!! yes! and at some point I'm going over to A's place . it's her day off on Wed's and her wife is out of town this week so I'm going to hang with her and help her get some house projects. can't tell ya the love I have for A. it's crazy knowing her since 7th grade and growing up with her, and now we are both discussion our Christian beliefs constantly, she's not always sure about being married and having had a kid with her wife, but I tell her, it's a blessing embrace it my love! she's so awesome, anyway, we're going to hang.
ALSO, news news news........(Mike pay attention)  she's giving me her iphone 4!! ha  I can't wait to play with it and see what all I can do with it via my internet and such.  I'm going to hold off putting a phone number in it, although i could use the same ATT phone number in my gophone I'm sure. I'm not ready to joint he cellphone world just yet. ( I dont' carry a cellphone but I use the gophone Nokia when I travel). so anyway, now I can get an instagram account and I thin do facetime maybe with other apple devices.... I'll find out and am looking foward to playing with it. :P
I'm goin to sleep so well tonight at S's place.  He had written down his address on his instructions about the dog, and we were laughing as i was going over with him yesterday, like I know where you live, and he was like, well if you need to tell a trick how to get here, yeah whatever!!! ha he knows me better than that.  he does have a hot tub which I might make use of if it ever cools down this week.  his dog is very aweomse a girl black lab. she's super sweet and always always wants to play you just hate to dissapoint her. ha
so far a good kick off to the week. enjoy yours! 

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Mike said...

Just go ahead and join the cell phone world. You know you want to. Text friends constantly. I'm sure you will enjoy the phone ;)