Wednesday, June 24, 2015

dreams of travel.............

for maybe 10 years now I've had the above Porter bag, olive green. went overseas with it so many times as my carry on, and will never forget my ten days 10 days running around places in europe with all my stuff in this one bag.  The bag looks as NEW AS THE DAY I GOT IT.  I have all the little bags that came with it that I use when I travel. I keep it in its drawstring bag in my closet when I'm home.  It also comes in black and navy. Although ideally one would want something with wheels to carry on a plane, I've always been quite satisfied with my beautiful Boston Bag.

In the current issue of Monocle magazine I saw this wallet.  same olive green made by porter and I started thinking to myself, that's what I'm going to by myself for my birthday next month! ha ha. although I found this Porter overnighter bag shown below and it's also very tempting.  I suppose if I ever do travel overseas again, I should go ahead and get the matching green Rimowa luggage below as a check in bag. ;)  now if we could just get the dollar stronger to the pound!

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