Tuesday, May 26, 2015

wknd rvw...

yawn... man I was so tired when we finally got home Sunday night. it was a long long long drive back from Denver east through Kansas and then south going through Wichita.  I had a really good time in Denver. we went hiking all over the mountain trails on Saturday morning with our friends and their 3 kids... it was rainy weather Saturday afternoon so we ended up hanging out at the house and relaxing and playing with the kids, doing some out door projects, talking, I ran over to Englewood to find the house of a former student from latin america but no luck.  we made some dinner later and then the 4 of us went out to Red Rocks outdoor amphitheater to hear a band play, but it got rained out so we drove around a bit and ended up back home for food and wine.
Left Sunday morning by 10 o clock and then back home in OKC by 9. we could have made better time but we took our time and even stopped in Kansas and a "little Sweden" town along the way.
Monday slept in, then T and I went downtown to the Paseo Arts Festival. I was looking for some wire framed structures for the yard, but we both ended up just getting some pottery gift type stuff..
on the way home we had lunch at this new place in the Plaza district, just south of where I used to live during college on Carey Place.  Anyway it's called  "Chiltepes Latin Cuisine" and is basically Guatemalan food, but VERY GOOD!!! I haven't' had good PUPUSAS in SO LONG!! and this place had 'em. YUM YUM YUM, they also served a little tea cup of vegetable soup when you sit down.
also cheese AND black bean dip with the chips. just great!
we went by Scott and B's place and said hello to everybody, then to WHole Foods and then home to relax. watched some tv last night before turning in... She decided to stay an extra day even though I was ready to get back to my routine, ha, but we've had a good day. ciao!

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