Wednesday, May 27, 2015

mid week summer start up.......

I went up to work yesterday morning to help another professor move out of her office and all her stuff back to her home. She retired. She was an interim Dean a few summers ago and has taught for a while at my college. She was my go to person down the hall from my office and I'm going to miss having access to her wisdom and experience. but she'll still be around teaching a few classes.  I brought her a rose bush from CO as a gift. ha.  I came home after that and went to lunch with T for pizza here in town since I missed last Saturday getting my usual pizza lunch there.
Didn't do much the rest of the day, just play in the yard and relax. My back and shoulders were killing me from lifting all these heavy stones out of my truck and then the future from my retired friend's office. I need to get back to the gym and my routine, and stop eating milkshakes. I've had 3 or 4 during the last week, but vacation is over today, T goes back home this afternoon. I'm leaving for work around 10 so I can have a few hours to get things done before a committee meeting (our last) from 1 to 4pm today. then I'll be back at the gym and hopefully getting my summer fitness ON! That means swimming laps tomorrow morning and from here on out as well.
The trip to Denver was awesome and we always have stuff to talk about, but the extra couple days in okc after we got back were not planned and so took me off guard.  I think I began to get annoyed at T sort of taking my hand and holding hands in Denver. I don't like it because I must keep her at a complete distance. I'm constantly talking to her about finding another husband and dating but she goes on and on about how she doesn't think she will get married again, and then on the other hand she'll have a comment about not being able to do something around the house or how after her period she's more in the mood to makeout.. ...blah blah.  Our friendship is a great one for having a single friend to relate to, and I've known her since college so we go way back and know all the same people, but I do like some time in between visits and I may keep more time in between visits from now on.  maybe chat less on social network at night with her.  Since she's in between jobs an just finished grad school, I made an effort to pay for most of the trip, even the two times she gave me her credit card to fill up at gas stations on the way up and back, I secretly used my own. I also paid for all our meals together. I meant it as a graduation gift, taking her up there to visit the former roomie.  But I get frustrated at how she does spend her money, not sure where it comes from. ha
anyway, onward with summer!!  I begin the one summer class next Tuesday and am looking forward to what students I'll have.  I also told my boss yesterday that I'd be interested in teaching an August intercession class, this means that during the 3 weeks or less between summer classes and fall semester, they offer quick sessions of classes where students go for 5 hours a day and you get all of the 16 weeks of classes done in that amount of time. whew! I can't even imagine, but I've never done it and want to experience. plus it's and extra $2000 , same pay for the same class, but less time!  I decided if I'm going to get serious about getting in some funds to pay off the truck and then work on early mortgage pay off, I need to start taking advantage of intercession classes, for example next Jan, and also May intercession next year. we'll see.
Well I'm going to get out of bed and enjoy a sort of lazy morning and last morning with T here, before getting off to work and then the gym and then home to mow the lawn tonight. cheers all.


Mike said...

I'd be interested in teaching that class too!!!

Starting my admin credential next month. EEEK. 4 days away.

The trip sounds fun. We are going to airbnb it a lot this summer.

Anonymous said...

Nice Summer pics.
What kind of flower is on your banner pic?
I see a lot of those right now, but not sure what they are.