Friday, May 29, 2015

friday summer post....

I woke up this morning while dreaming of being at my former job in latin America teaching at a school in the mountains up above the city, tropical arid climate pine trees and clouds brushing the ground. what memories! The dreams a blur now, but at the time i was walking from one side of campus to the other and chatting with some new teachers about the campus.. what a dream and such a beautiful place.
I slept in for a change past 6:30 am. woo hoo. so I cancelled the morning swim and slipped on my old pair of khakis and a summer long sleeve hoodie tshirt to keep of mosquitoes and walked around the yard to check out all the plants and stuff while it was cool out. nice cloudy relaxed morning.  I'm great at doing nothing when I have nothing that has to be done. ugh.. this morning though my goal was to get some stuff up into the attic while the roof was still cool and it was cloudy out.  this was a quite a project, I put it off until about 10 am and instead piddled in the kitchen and my room and outside and online. eventually I got into the guest room full of boxes and STUFF and brought the attic door down and began checking stuff under stuff and found the Christmas boxes, got up into the attic and found I needed to shuffle stuff around I'd been throwing up there past months.... well I got a lot cleared out, the Christmas stuff anyway, but there are all my winter jackets and coats piled up on the bed and more boxes I'll need to make a decision what am I keeping and why am I keeping it!?!?!?!   I took some things to work to my office that were school related, not including the framed illustration of a water bottle by Groovisions I found in a closet.  I'll spend more time on that room tonight or tomorrow or whenever.
What inspired me was that T had to stay in that room Sun-Tues nights and my buddy H messaged he'd be visiting from Austin this weekend, but he was unclear whether that meant staying with me or his dad or whether I'd see him at all.  But either way, I said to myself, let the chance he IS coming spur you to clean it up, and then if he doesn't come by, it's still done!
I made a lunch at left for my office at the school by 11;30.  I got some emailing done and adjusted the new course syllabus to my liking and turned an order of copies in for class starting next week. I left for the gym by 3 to swim laps.  Initially I'd planned to get back to working out today, but being a Friday and all, I said, nah.. I'll just swim laps and go home before 4pm and rush hour traffic. successfully done as I wasn't home by 4:09.  I ate a lot of milkshakes and malts and cookies while on the road trip to Denver and back!!! so I have to start those morning lap swims and no more cookies around here. I bake less in the summer anyway cuz the heat and the AC and save money etc... plus when I'm hotter I'm less hungry usually go figure.  I do feel sexier without the beard but not like I'm looking around or anything, but I feel I have a somewhat younger appeal at the gym or I'm imagining it which is also okay. :P
tonight I'm going to dinner with A , my vet friend, and we'll catch up about her job and who knows what else, and I'll tell her bout my trip etc..  I'm getting over to S's place tomorrow at some point to get the last bundle of bricks behind his house. I've been moving them little by litte and have 5 bundles stacked up by my carport so far, also he's giving some cinder blocks, all which was left by previous owner and he has no use for. I'm putting in two brick garden paths this summer (if it ever stops raining and dries out a bit). the cinder blocks I plan to use for steps coming up the sloped hill on the side of my house down to the street (for the old people on the garden tour coming by in 2017).
nonews yet on the August intercession course but I hope it comes through and I get the extra work. hope all have a great weekend. I'll include some photos of the yard, someone asked about the previous cover photo, they are poppies, papaver somniforum (same as opium kind) and are annuals.cheers.

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