Sunday, March 08, 2015


anyone know why I had suddenly had an anomaly of a mysterious 47,000 hits on March 3rd?  none of the blogger stats shows anything out of the ordinary, and I usually average between 500 - 1000 hits daily depending on how much I update posts. I'm thinking it must have been some random link share or twitter post? no idea.
James, thank you tons for the great truck advice. my truck is up and running fine now. Also Stephen in LA, no luck on emailing you back, but I pretty much share everything here on the blog anyway, but thanks for the messages. :)
I watched Patti Lapone perform on stage last night.  A friend I know from OKC who I see once a year at this Christmas party my buddy S usually take me to, he invited me, turns out he's on the board and had extra tickets.  It was a good show! She sang lot of songs that had a long belt out big finish note at the end. ha  I really enjoyed seeing her perform "Don't Cry for Me," "Everything's Coming Up Roses," and "Ladies who Lunch" live. really talented control and performance. She also sang "We've Got Trouble," from River city with a background choir of local students.  had a fun time.
relaxing today and hope to get to the gym later to swim laps. I'm enjoying a slow day before all my classes turn in papers this week. of course I will have ALL of spring break to grade them, but I REALLY hope I can make myself jump on it and get them down before BREAK. dont' know about that. :P

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