Monday, March 02, 2015

vacation pics! :P

I took a photo of the shower nozzle in case you hadn't seen one. the motor is in the nozzle, so the water pressure makes it turn and causes it to turn on and heat up the water. if you turn it on too much the water goes too fast and it's not warm enough, if you go too slow it will stop turning, so you learn to get it just right so that it's working and heating up but not too fast that it's too cold. When I first saw the Mcdonald's place I thought it was a ripoff place called "Imposters" but then my friend explained it said postres, so it was really Mcdonald's desserts. ha ! the classroom picture shows my old classroom. 

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Mike said...

Dan no sabe postres fue desiertos?

Never seen a shower head like that. Looks a little dangerous with the electricity right there.

How I long to get to Mexico again soon... I miss it.

Hey... you can send me an email, but does the school you taught at have opportunities for teaching during the summer? That would be awesome, and I would be on it.