Monday, January 26, 2015

good winter weekend.........

did you survive the weekend? anyone up in all that snow ne this week?
I had a great weekend. went out to dinner with my veterinarian friend Friday night at Jason's Deli and we caught up and I was talking to her about all these animal shows I'd seen on tv about this farm doctor and another one the dog whisperer. plus I griped just a little bit about my neighbors dogs. they are fine dogs and everything. what I was griping about a little bit was how people get dogs and just leave 'em in the back yard.  the girl next door is/was in med school and is never home home and she had a dog in the back yeah, really nice healer mix that i would pet all the time through a hole in the fix, good quiet dog. then from nowhere a black dog appeared, which I'm thinkiing since she never does anything with the one dog, probably to keep it company. that black dog barks and barks and barks and growls blah! poor dog, then when the cousin moved in and brought his boxer, well that thing barks and is crazy and not trained much either, and he's never home off in his big truck work or whatever. so there are these 3 dogs stuck in the backyard. pointless!
well they barked at me all the time, but last fall at some point I started going out and talking to them on the other side of the 8 foot fence, and I teared up some lunch meat and would throw it over the fence. well they don't bark at me anymore. My goal this summer is to have one of the neighbors let me get to know the dogs. like go in the backyard or play with them while they're out for a walk (which is never) and then I could offer to maybe entertain them now and then or go back there and play during the summer I don't know. but that's what I was griping about, (and i'm not even a dog person really).
Saturday was great lazy day, watched some tv, picked up the house a bit as always, got outside for most of the day in the yard. was great. my best bud S invited me over for dinner with his bf and another couple G and D from here in town. went over there at we had grilled meat and sides and some cake. talked and talked,  At one point they were all talking about their dogs, and I was thinking well this is like when you're with married couples and they all talk about their kids. ha ha. but we had a great time.
oh I also watched a few episodes of Dr. Who this weekend on netflix.  We have PBS showing Dr. Who on Friday nights here about one season behind is seems. So I was watching the one currently where Amy Pond is no longer there, and the doctor was in a funk and met someone that sort of got him going again. well anyway, since I missed the episode before that, I got on netflix Sat morning to see what I could find, well it took me to where I left off catching up last summer on the Dr. Who ones with David Tennant ( my fave). well so i went ahead and watch one with the Dr. and Rose and where they run into Sarah Jane, an assistant from way earlier doctor. anyway I started to tear up a little when they  met again and she realized who he was etc.. ha.  okay so after that episode, I watched the one I wanted, that explained how Pond and Rory had to say goodbye forever.  SO IF ANYONE watched this show, tell me exactly what was the  science that explained why the Doctor could never go in time and visit them or see them again??? something about the angel sent them back? or the time continuum or something. anyone want to try, thanks. (and if the city never sleeps, how could the statue of liberty walk around if they couldnt' move if someone was looking blah blah).
anyway I started to cry a bit when Amy was saying goodbye. man I liked Amy POnd and Rory, the whole season and stories etc... she's wonderful.  I also really liked the whole doctor donna thing with katherine tate. ahhh tenant!!!
got the week off to a great start this mroning to the work week. even though I don't have a class until 9:30 i got there at 7:30 and practiced piano for an hour, then did prep work in my office, and was in classes then lunch then class, then off to gym, swam, worked out, grocery store, filled up tank with gas, finally home and out in the yard until sun went down, then inside to cook up chicken tenders for the week and eat dinner and steamed broccoli and cashews.  maybe going to make choco chip cookies tonight for our committee meeting tomorrow afternoon. ha! also I have to move furnture either in the morning or after work tomorrow. the move furniture job! oh boy! :) cheers

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