Tuesday, January 06, 2015

back to Crystal Bridges....

twine and mixed media above, but the image should be rotated as they were hanging from the ceiling. next is a work titled "Strangest Fruit" by Vincent Valdez . and the next pic shows a definition video portrait titled Jake Johnny Young Trucker from the series Fracking Fields 2013 by Susie J Lee. These men are worker in the oil and natural gas "fracking" industry in North Dakota, where the artist was born. She asked them to sit silently for an extended period in front of the camera. Below are prints by Michael Menchaca, The artist updates the ancient form of the codex-folded books used in pre-Columbian cultures to tell stories. Replacing ancient symbols with cartoonish characters, the artist draws on the his ancestry in addressing issues along the Mexico-United States border. In this narrative, a mustachioed cat in a sombrero represents the plight of Mexican immigrants to the US.

The last photo below shows a work by Ligia Bouton based on the book Animal Farm

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