Saturday, December 20, 2014

Keith Haring original art!..............

We stayed in the west village across the street from a GBLT Center on 13th st, anyway, they had this original art on a bathroom wall inside on the 2nd floor. They were preparing for a press conference of some sort and so the door happened to be unlocked and we took a look. ahhhhh the 80's! :)

UPDATE:  check out this Keith Haring page at for more of Haring's art. 

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Friday, December 19, 2014

shopping haul de nyc.....

well I gotta say, I never found that one big item to splurge on, I tried at Han Kjobenhavn but everything was too heavy and thick. I tried at Barney's but ran out of time for real shopping. there was one perfect Engineered Garment brand long sleeve shirt but they were out of it in M, alas.  Even in SOHO, at times it's hard to find stuff that's not just a more expensive thing I already own.  I had hoped to go by the Kway store for another jacket, but we didn't make it there either.
I suppose Uniqlo got most of my cash since I bought me a silvery greyish tan down coat, and a hooded one for my sister, also the t-shirts below...Basquiat and Keith Haring long sleeve (not shown is a light blue t for the gym and a long sleeve for T in AR).
The tie below is a hand made wool tie from the Chelsea Market flea, the basic black sweater has a nice weave texture to it, I bought this and the long sleeve blue and grey shirt and the blue down vest (last pic) at Benetton (Mike, if you're reading this they  had everything 30% off).  The grey v-neck sweater with the blue and red trim on the collar will look sharp next spring and was from H&M (not shown is a black vneck sweater I bought to replace one that had holes in it from last summer storage).
the two button ups were from Penguin just north of SOHO, also the pants and the PJ's further below. (Mike, they had 60% off and 40% all the store).  Other things I got were the t-shirt from the Union Square Xmas Market that had a photo on it.

I bought a bunch of chocolate at Lindt store, lots of little things at the print shop near stonewall and also the South Seaport print shop, Browne I think it's called, fun stuff there, also I got a Swatch on time square,for my friend J and S who I'm always staying with in AR I got the Yeti oven mit from a fun store at Grand Central Station, and two reindeer and silver bells ornaments were from Union Square market, the little girl figure I got at a Swedish store and is for my mom.  the red white and blue ornament was my little souvenier from 9/11 memorial museum.  Well that's it, I didn't do too much sopping damage, I had a different rhythm to shopping this trip since I've always been running round alone checking out many places. but I hit the basics and got some gifts covered and some new things to mix up my own wardrobe. success overall! :) cheers

strike a pose.....

Thursday, December 18, 2014