Saturday, December 13, 2014

big apple..............

saw gentlemen's guid to murder today, we had front row seats!! today and it was amazing, It was even better the second time, the jokes and actions and storyline is NON STOP. the two leads are so extremely 100% giving their all. we're all in love with the Navarro guy. every little move, tone,expression!!!  how about this Diane von furstenberg.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

pack it up!...

well here's what I got laid out and folded up and ready to pack tonight. above show two outfits, the faded shirt with jeans and brown/blue shoes. and on the right my super exciting all day Saturday clothes, the sweater w/ little red dots that is awesome and the new tennis shoes and the red hat for run.

photo above shows another outfit, some tight jeans, colorful shirt, blue wool shirt/jacket thing. But I've decided not to bring the blue vans and just wear the black tennies in the next photo with that.  the next photo above is my blue/grey sweater, also Norse projects online purchase, with jeans and I don't know what shoes yet. :P below is my black shirt and black jeans idea with a shirt layered over it, very nicer red plaid for the holidays! :) and then again, I don't know if I plan to bring both pairs of shoes or just the black leather tennis shoes, but I DO SO love my old pair of big bulky and comfy Doc Martens. photo below on the right shows the coats I want to bring, I got both on previous trips to NYC at the billabong store at TImes Square. :) love them both, but I'll probably just bring the black plaid one on the left.

of course I have to decide what I'm wearing on the plane Friday and either the longsleeve faded shirt in the first pic, OR the black with the red plaid shirt shown above.  not sure yet.  am getting more and mor eecited fo the trip though. woo hoo!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Monday, December 08, 2014

Sunday, December 07, 2014

holiday rush..........need for speed

wonderful time of year...

man I've been busy, I'm sure most have been.  Tom, that jacket was from Norse projects also, color deep amethyst, I got a size medium and really wish I'd gotten large, but that's how it goes with online shopping, alas.  I'm going to post some picks of what I'm packing for NYC soon. ha
Friday I had all these things planned, but nope.I was going to get off work by 3:30 and be in the pool by 4pm, then work out, and get to the foreign film downtown by 5:30, maybe stop by a friend's place after 7.... BUT no, I got a message from my friend A about a move job, so we agreed I'd get there by 4:30.. I was a little late, and then we were racing daylight at one point and got most done but not all. I was leaving by 6 and got home and just had some dinner and settled in grading papers the rest of the night. ha
I was grading all day Saturday up until 3:30 I went back and finished the move job.  I got paid $380 from that move and some previous moves. This helps me have some funds for the trip. I already have another $380 in an envelope in the kitchen , and then I had $240 in the kitchen from when the guys were here last month and paid me for the tickets, well anyway, that gives me a good 1000 saved up! woo hoo!  I have $500 in an old college checking/debit account for mad money, and then I've got my credit card paid down to zero. My goal is to spend a little some of it on me, but mostly I want to get all my Christmas shopping done as well. .. we'll see.  Another good thing is I have a bonus coming next Friday which should be about $600.
Saturday night, I met up with S and his bf at 7pm and then we went to a friend of S, Christmas party. IT's an annual thing and although I'm not invited nor really know the guy, I go with S every year. ha  It's funny because I see the same guys every year and we say, Hi again! ha. last night was great because I'd shaved off my beard Friday night, and felt clean shaven and had on my new sweater and was just looking forward to getting and being social.  most of the guys at the party were couples, but either way fun to meet guys in town. THe most exciting part was this one guy N, (who was there w/ his bf too of course :(...) anyway, i hadn't seen hi in a while since before I left to teach overseas in 2008. he used to go to the same gym downtown and we'd met there. well anyhow, so we caught up and talked and I go this name and was friendly to his bf blah blah.  I met another couple who are also going to NYC next weekend.
I'm getting a little nervous as usual, as this will be a busy last week of school, and then flying out Friday right after morning classes.  I planned it too tight, and will arrive 5:30, hopefully at our place between 6:30-7 (I'm splurging on a taxi to get there!). and then as soon as I dump off my stuff, join the guys and head to the show at 8:00pm. It's Only a Play!!! :) can't wait.
all right I better get back to grading papers and these super CHEESIE ION Christmas movies. ha :)
oh yeah, I've been watching Bergdorf Goodman documentary on Netflix in prep for the trip.  I'll probably watch some Woody Allen movies to prep my mood this week too. cheers.