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Well I've actually got a little bit of time to blog tonight. how bout that?  i jsut finished making a half batch of chocolate chip cookies so i can bring some to work tomorrow, also so I could eat some of the cookie dough after I ate dinner tonight, sometimes I just get the craving.  I've come up with a solid recipe that I love to eat the dough, and the cookies turn out nice and soft and flat too. I call it my mystery chip cookie.  I use half baking soda and half baking powder in place of what it calls for in baking soda.  anyway, that helps them go flat and soft, ,but I have to watch them carefully not to overcook the bottom part. Instead of just semi sweet chips , I put in a combo of nestle semisweet, butterschotch, hershey's special dark, a few milk chocolate, and then Ghiridelli's bittersweet 60% cocao chips. well so much for the mystery. anyway, they are YUMMY....what makes the dough so good to eat is that do equal thirds of dark brown sugar ( know what i'm sayin'? ha), white granulated, and tehn coconut palm sugar which gives the dough this wonderful crunchy texture. mmmm
well otherwise I'm just counting down the days to break. ha I was really busy a few weeks ago with my friends from Austin visiting, and then last weekend I was holed up with stacks of papers to grade. cold cold weather here. oh btw, the brown and red sweater I'd shopped all over online for, I got IT! ha well it's in the mail, so I'll post some photos soon. I emailed a place in Sweden even though they didn't offer shipping online on their store website. (i found they had it in stock via an image search). they emailed about having paypal so we worked it all out and I expect to get it sometime this week hopefully. woo hoo. and then no more shopping for the NYC trip, shut the bank door, lock it! got to save all FUNDS for the next month for NYC and Christmas shopping and me shopping etc.
I'm not really set on buying too much while there, but maybe some gifts for family back home and then for me, like a swatch watch from the store at Times Square, and maybe some sort of jacket or coat from Billabong or Quiksilver on Time Square, sort of a tradition now, love stopping by those places, not that I always find something of course.
actually I'm hoping to find some interesting places with cool ties or bowties for me to wear to work. also unusual colored sweaters, like oranges and green and light blues? solid v neck to wear to work over shirt and tie. any suggestions?   well anyway, that's on my list. probably I'll end up getting some solid vneck wool sweaters at UNIQLO most likely.. I only plan to one or two big purchases, like maybe a shirt from han Kjobenhavn store in soho, OR like a scarf at Paul Smith. sighhh.. I have to admit I'm more in the under $100 market for shopping maybe up to $200 but really I'm way out of the league of shoppers going to Paul Smith and throwing $400 for shirts!! whoah!! that's more than a month's salary of the air force guys in Afganstan that I taught English to! must remember that to keep spending in perspective.
we're still planning our sites to see and events. MOMA probably, but not sure about Frick, Whitney, or Guggenheim Central Park, yes, Memorial Museum, yes  -- I plan to get over to Southport also , there's a print shop I just love by the museum there..
I'm looking forward to getting out of town next week Tuesday night I'm going up to AR to help my best bud from college celebrate his birthday. will drive home Thursday morning to have Thankgiving with my family here in OKC.
I'm still going regularly to the gym at least 3 times a week, if I'm good I get a fourth day in on Fridays either swimming laps or swimming and then working arms. I've not been regular w/ arm day but I've made some gains in my back and butt from getting a normal routine going.  It's really been a help this year with going right after work to the new location south of my school. that way I can go right after work, get in, swim laps, then work out and then drive home, arrive ready to EAT! ha
hope everyone is keeping warm and enjoying the cold early holiday season weather out there. cheers.

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