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Happy Nov!

Another Sunday morning waking up in Arkansas. this tune I'm at my buddy S's bf's place here in Rogers.  We drove up yesterday morning and got here just around lunch time. grilled some hamburgers with beef from his dad's farm. yum. S and bf and his son ran errands all afternoon and I stayed here grading papers, which was really nice because I had the cable tv on and he has a really nice reclining sofa and since I wasn't home I had no distractions whatsoever, just a nice clean peaceful place. and I actually fell asleep and napped first and then got up and moved to the couch and graded lots of papers. they got back around 5 and then we all got ready to go out to dinner at a sports bar called Beef n Mcbrady's or something like that. his bf left early and then we met him at the downtn theater performing in a play. it was really really good, and funny! his bf had the lead role and did a great job!
This morning they will all get up and go to church, and i plan to stay in and grade papers. We will be driving back to okc by noon I guess. good weekend for a drive, and buddy S and I always have plenty to talk about in the car. I did grade a few papers on the way up since he was driving his pickup this trip. also we brought his dog with us in the cab seat. a really nice adopted black lab that he got a few weeks ago and is adjusting to.  If I ever got a dog, I think I'd get a chihuahua, although after seeing a youtube video with black scottish terriers, I might reconsider. dogs for me a long ways off anyway. ha
I'm looking forward to next weekend because my austin bud H will be in town with his bf M.  H will be at the OU game against Baylor all day with his dad. so his bf M and I will get to run around OKC and I can show him around and take him to lunch, perhaps at kitchen 324. I'm not sure what else is planned. I tried to get the house cleaned up as much as possible last week. but this week I'll be workikng on it more and more.
My vet friend A came over Friday night and I had pizza delivered and we sat and talked all night while handing out candy. The neighborhood association had a couple blocks of my street closed off and everybody was outside handing out candy for a couple of hours at least!  I spent a good part of Friday afternoon getting my bathroom all cleaned up completely, and wouldnt' you know it A never used it once. ha but at least that gave me a jump start on the clean up list for next weekend.
I discovered there is a Han Kjobenhavn store in NYC. I added that to my list of places to shop, I've been shopping them online but it's so hard to know what size. for example the Norse Projects Jens Light jacket I got online just fits, and maybe I would have gotten the L if I'd seen it in person. although i love the jacket. it matchs my  new shoes wonderfully. I practice wore them this weekend to try out the outfits for NYC trip in Dec. I wore my new sweater to the play last night. not decided on what other shoes to bring to new york, but I hope to break in the new pair for the trip definitely.
work is going well. and now that it is November I must stop doing any shopping and save all funds for NYC. I like to have the credit card to zero and some money in savings to rely on for transfers to my checking when the need arises. I'm also going to bring a card from another bank. this is an account connected to my stock investments. and I have some cash from when we divided up the stock club funds, that I plan to transfer over to that card for Christmas gift shopping...... :)!
fall is definitely here, I love sleeping int he cold weather, btw S' bf has these amazing sheets on his guest bed, I always LOVE LOVE LOVE them 1000 count cotton. for real man oh man!
we gained an hour last night, and if you've read the blog for long, this is the week where I attempt getting up early and swimming laps before work in the morning, since my body is used to waking up early, I like to take advantage and get up early and swim laps!  also with the trip coming up, it really inspires me to keep in shape. plus I've been eating lots of sugar things, cookies and halloween candy, like extra eating knowing I'd be swimming laps twice a day again starting this week. !! must do it.
enjoy no shave november, I've had mine for a few months already though. ha