Saturday, October 04, 2014

fall homecoming weekend...

hello from Arkansas.  college homecoming weekend again of course.  It's funny to think of how many years I've been driving up for this and how in the past I was blogging from the bottom bunk bed in my friend's son's that kid is 16 and last night was driving himself home from the football game. getting in after I'd already turned in at 1030. now i'm in the front room of this new house on a twin mattress on the floor. it works and is comfortable. nice big new house.
my former college roomie and his wife, who I'm best friends with and grew up with as a kid in okc. they've lived here ever since college, so I always stay here when I'm in town.
my ex gf T and I will hang out today after she gets off work. this morning I'll be going over to see best bud J and his wife and kids, then to lunch at my favorite sandwich place in town Fatiga's with a couple in town from CO, the ones I visited last May. then T gets off work at 2 and we'll head over to the soccer field on campus where they have the big college homecomeing game and all the alumni stand around and talk and pretty much don't even watch the game at all.  more friends in town this year than usual. will be a great time catching up.  to be honest this is the first year I feel pretty comfortable about myself, single , gay or not who cares, and with my new job.  I'm pretty relaxed going in, hoping I can be a good listener and asker of questions.  My goal is not to just talk about me too much. I'm such a talker I really try to monitor myself these days.  Even while teaching I really try to keep it to only constructive things and the lesson. if you only knew!
anyway, so after the big soccer game , there is a pizza party English major event at the honors center that T and I drop by now for the 4th year, just to see who is there even though it's like tons of kids graduated after us we don't even know. we still know some of the profs....maybe not this year acutally. anyway, then at 7 there is a big get together at the coffee shop downtown staying open til 10 where T works for all our friends in town to hace a place to hang out at. I'm excited to see my artisit friend today too and his former roomie C who lives in Dallas. they were my first group of friends at campus. in fact what I love about them is they were first group of guys I hung out with that we were all buds and I felt really comfortable since none of them were jocks, the group I hung out with in high school but I was just some skinny kid. and my frist group of guy friens from the dorm were just awesome fun guys into bands and music and raised in churches and just awesome. blah blha.
okay so one thing about this mattress on the floor is I wokr up way too early and couldn't ge tback to sleep. guess I'll try that now. good fall weekend to all!

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