Thursday, September 25, 2014

shirtless Thursday....


anyone heard of the restaurant, The Heath in Nyc?  we are considering that as a place to have our one night out to dinner.... suggest any other?  also , are there "music stores" in NYC where you can get imported music? do they still sell CD's in stores, I don't even know. ha  but there are some tunes that are not on USA Itunes I'd like to look for and figure NYC would be the place to search.  the album Entity by Oscar and the Wolf. cheers any thoughts.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

fall is here

what a week, things are going well, I've been pretty busy trying to do everything when i have time to do it. really getting into my students and classes, wanting to plan more class activities to help improve everyone's writing skills. I love teaching writing using "formal" language.
right now there is probably one of the more boring documentaries I've seen, somehow they got a whole show out of showing a guy with scoliosis train to fight in armours like Kind Richard may have done, after finding his bones in England etc etc... blah. so speculative, but yet being the good anglophile I am, I've had it on tonight while getting ready for tomorrow.
Monday, i made it to the gym downtown and killed my legs, great workout! also got to swim as a warm up since they have a great lap swim schedule from 4-6!
my local gym is shut down for 2 weeks as they remodel the gym floor etc etc. I don't think I've mentioned it, but they have a standard sized pool with three lanes 8 ft wide, that was until tey suddenly were letting school teams come in and train, and this fall they changed it to four lanes, 6 foot wide. ridiculous! anyway, I was in there on my usual late Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago, and found out that even open swim time where one lap lane is left open, they had it set at 6 foot wide. ugh!!
well I called the manager last week just to inquire the deal, he said they are letting high school teams use the pool to train in the afternoon, and then as a trade, the schools are letting them use the gyms for overflow city league kids basketball teams to use. I asked PLEASE, can you not set it at 4 lanes unless the kids are training and leave it the normal 8 foot width in the mornings and during open swim. well we'll see. he did say there was no reason it couldn't be kept the same on Sundays and during open swim times with one lane. blah blah.I tried to research it online and everything I saw was 7 foot wide for kids and 8 foot for adults. but this guy says his pool director researched and found 6 foot was fine, again ridiculous!! ha
ALSO, i went ahead and told him I wanted to put in my 2 cents that if they were replacing all the free weights equipment, would they please leave the solid metal one piece dumbells which are solid and awesome becuase I don't like the newer ones with separate pieces screwed on the ends, over time they come loose and spin around. anyway, couldn't hurt to mention it. he said he'd try and that they might have already been contracted out.
Tuesday was crazy, I woke up in the middle of the night around 2 am with a crazy headache, this crick or knot in my neck has been buggin me for a while. I laid there forever trying to go back to sleep. couldn't. I began to think, there was an aspirin in a shirt pocket in my closet if I could find it (I'd run out of my aleve a few weeks ago). I got up and found it, then laid back in bed and turned on the tv, some mystery was on PBS and I watched it for about an hour, began to feel better and fell asleep about 4 30. alarm going off at 6am. so Tuesday I was like a zombie all day, while working in adising from 4-6, I was so tired. what's funny is that when I got off work, I went by the outlet mall as planned and got a long jacket I'd wanted. also a few dress shirts to wear with ties to work .. blah
today went well , but no gym today becuase i had a dentist appntmtn after work. had to get the real crown put on and a filling to replace an old one.  what sucks is I forgot to bring my night guard, so it doesn't fit right on the new crown. I'm hoping I can sleep well tonight without and not grind my teeth too much.
tomorrow I plan to get to the gym on the south side and check out it's pool/gym etc. ready to get the week goling on and to the weekend. :) no papers to grade this weekend, can't wait to enjoy all my time outdoors. 

art post......


check out these works by artist Darren Thompson. real nice use of color

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